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Nov 12, 2011 8:19 AM
Sometimes when I'm dealing with clients I have found they're keeping their documents in loose-leaf binders rather then file drawers. Most can't recall why they chose this method, simply because have since found using binders to organize papers is time-consuming, awkward and inconvenient.

Since most documents aren't printed on hole-punched paper, people choose these people have a good-sized stack prior to your hole-punch device. While waiting to get punched, these documents are AWOL -- not where they're meant to be -- wasting your time while you hunt for them, and contributing to clutter.
Because binders are bulky and never suited to keeping in addition to a desk or perhaps information drawer, they are generally stored someplace out from easy reach. This means being required to stand up from a desk every time you desire to access them.
You rarely develop the right sized binder around, so they're either under-filled and wasting shelf space, or overstuffed and mutilating the contents when you seek to extract the only page you would like.
A bunch of binders can require significant hard drive, using up a bookcase and other shelving that you would rather commit to other items.
Considering that 80% of retained paper is rarely referenced again, how much the necessary effort to take care of a binder technique are hardly worth it!

Is usually a binder system EVER the best choice? Yes, when for legal, financial or reference purposes it is important to have a complete set of documents in the particular order, within a semi-permanent format. However, for most businesses, using standard hanging files and folders may appear far more efficient for everyday use.
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