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Nov 10, 2011 6:25 PM
While the entire CD is usually very good some with my favorites are track 2 - If i Fall You're Going Down Beside me, track 7 - Don't Squander Your Heart, and monitor 10 - Some Times You Gotta Dance

My Bonus Pick, and the the one that got Sore [... as with "Stuck On REpeat"] is actually track 11 - Hole In my Head. This is a superb track!

Fly Release Paperwork:

Dixie Chicks originally launched Fly on August thirty-one, 1999 on the Monument Reports label.

CD Track Checklist Follows:

1. Ready To Run

2. If I Fall You're Continuing to fall With Me

3. Cowboy Take Me Away

4. Cold Day In July

5. Goodbye Earl

6. Hey Mr. Heartache

7. Don't Squander Your Heart

8. Sin Wagon

9. Without You

10. Some Days People Gotta Dance

11. Hole Inside my Head

12. Heartbreak Town

13. (untitled)

14. Let Him Fly

Dixie Chicks: Natalie Maines (vocals, hand claps); Emily Robison (traditional acoustic & lap steel guitar, banjo, dobro, hand claps, qualifications vocals); Martie Seidel (fiddle, viola, background vocals).

Additional personnel includes: Paul Worley (acoustic guitar, background vocals); Randy Scruggs, Billy Joe Walker Jr, Adam Steinberg, Bryan Sutton, Dennis Linde, Marcus Hummon (classical guitar); Pat Buchanan, George Marinelli, Simon Henderson, Keith Urban (guitar); Lloyd Maines (material guitar); John Make fun of (tin whistle, concertina, bodhran); Steve Conn (accordion); Charlie Nathan, Matt Rollings (Hammond B-3 body, keyboards); Michael Rhodes (striped bass); Greg Morrow (drums); Tom Roady, Terry McMillan (percussion); Blake Chancey, Charlie Robison (hand claps, background vocals).

Principally announced at Westwood Sound Studio, Nashville, Tennessee.
Bold, defiant and controversial best describe the Dixie Chicks, a country music trio comprising of Martie Siedel (fiddle and background vocals), Emily Johnson (banjo and background vocals) and Natalie Maines (nylon string guitar and lead vocals). At the 49th Annual Grammy Awards held on February 11, 2007, the group won all five categories that they were nominated, such as the coveted Song, Record and Album in the Year.

The Chicks as they simply are informally known earlier known as began in Dallas, Texas in 1989 with its founding members Laura Lynch, who played in Japan for a member of a group termed the Texas Rangers, and Robin Lynn Macy, some sort of math teacher and bluegrass artist. Their first anthology "Thank Heavens for Dale Evans" under the independent label Crystal Clear Sound in 1990 gained laudable remarks throughout the Lone star state together with earned them opening act spots to get country music icons Garth Brooks, Reba McEntire together with George Strait. In 1992, this group released their sophomore concept album, "Little Ol' Cowgirl" which often gained favorable critical reviews but scanty commercial success in radio airplay. Later that year, Macy left the group for a purer bluegrass approach. 3 years after, Natalie Maines, little girl of former Chicks' appointment player Lloyd Maines, became the group's lead vocal replacing Lynch. After years of struggle and people changes, the Dixie Chicks grew to be an unstoppable force in the country music scene. Around the same time when Maines became part of the group, Sony Music scouted and signed these phones the revived Monument Records Label. Their Christmas single "Home over the Radar Range" released within 2002 bagged four awards in the 2003 Grammy including Best Country Album. , ,
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