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Sep 9, 2009 2:40 PM
Okay, so it might seem a little weird for me to be talking about a snack food by Pringles in my blog that’s meant for anime/otaku related discussion. Well, have you ever tried these “Baked Wheat, Pringles Stix, Crispy Cracker Sticks”? Second question, have you ever tried or heard of Pretz? The salty snack version of Pocky? If neither of these ring a bell, go watch Please Teacher and Please Twin, or just go to an anime convention.

Today at work one of the older women in the office said that they had these “cracker” packs in the kitchen area and if there were any left I could have some. I went in there and picked up the last little package of these Pringles Stix. Although this snack food has apparently been around for over a year and a half, this was my first time coming into contact with them (I’m not a big snack food guy and I don’t watch much TV) so I didn’t know what to expect when I ripped open the little single serving package. But when I did I just thought, “Oh oh oh! What is this?!” The thin long crackers inside looked very familiar and when I pulled my first one out it was confirmed that it looked exactly like Pretz! Dude, what? Did Pringles just totally rip off Glico?? After giving them a taste, yes, they really did seem just as I remembered Pretz. Granted I haven’t had actual Pretz in months, but these things are just so damn similar.

So after scarfing down the Stix, I went straight to the internet to investigate. The first thing I checked was the official website for Pringles Stix. And what does it say right under “Pringles Stix” on the page?? “One-of-a-kind great taste.” Yeah. That made me laugh sooo hard.... After looking around at various other searches on Stix and Pretz I figured that there had to have been other people who have seen the similarities between the two products so I searched the two together. Yep, I wasn’t the only one. So instead of going into greater detail about how these two are basically the same snack, this is the only page that wasn’t blocked at work.

In conclusion, I’m feeling a mixture of excitement, annoyance, and amusement right now. Even if it doesn’t have as many flavors, it’s nice to have a local alternative to Pretz. Although it is kind of irritating that Pretz totally got ripped off. But it’s also just so damn funny at the same time (one-of-a-kind great taste!). Yeah, so next time I’m in Wal-Mart I’ll make sure to look for these things and while I’m at it see if they have any Pretz on the shelf. Maybe I’ll do my own taste test comparison. And I think that’s all I really have to say on this issue. If I get more information and still feel like talking about this stuff, maybe I’ll write about it again. But I probably won’t. I’ll most likely think it’s not really too important and probably won’t have anything really new to say about it. So yeah, later!
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