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Nov 7, 2011 7:17 PM
I don't know about you, but when I first heard about Magento, I didn't realize exactly what Magento was and does. Magento is an eCommerce platform that can help you grow your business. It works with both small and enterprise businesses as well as offering both deployed and hosted solutions for both types of businesses. For example, with a small business, Magento is offering Magento Go which is a turnkey solution for website and hosting all in one. This offers core solutions that are dependable, international expansion tools, multiple payment gateway options, technical support, fully hosted solutions and design flexibility.

Many other features are also available with Magento GO such as Design editor, dashboards, PayPal Website Payments Pro, Low stock report, one page checkout, PCI compliant, Like buttons, Shipworks extension, Bundled products, real time rate calculators, custom products, online ordering, Google site maps and so much more. There are at least three different plans available for Magento. Get Going, Going Places and Going Beyond are three of the offerings and each one will cost a different amount. Get Going is $15.00 per month while Going Places is $25.00 per month. Go Beyond is $65.00 per month.

These prices include stimulus. There is a fourth plan but with the way the site is designed, this plan is covered over and you would have to call for pricing. The Enterprise is a bit different from the small business model. Some of the features included are Multi Store view, PA-DSS certification, Store credits, Rich Merchandising Suite, Customer Accounts, Gift cards, Gift Registry, Customer Assisted Checkout, Private Sales, Reward Points, site managements, SEO, Analytics, International support, Product browsing and so much more. Three different versions of the Enterprise edition are available. They are Enterprise, Professional and Community.

The Community version of Enterprise is free and it works best for expert developers and technical enthusiasts. Professional is one step up from that and costs $2,995 per year. Enterprise is the third step and will cost you $12,990 per year. There are several differences in these such as the available features. Free only features the Open Source Development Model and Open Source while the Professional features Open Source, Commercial License, PCI Data Security, Support, Warranty and Indemnification. Enterprise features all that plus SLA. All the services of the Professional and Enterprise are too numerous to list for comparison purposes.

So Magento offers quite a lot for both small and enterprise businesses. Costs for this type of program are very reasonable. If you are either a small business owner or an enterprise business owner, it may be a good idea to check Magento out. If you want the best solution for your eCommerce business, Magento has many different solutions available no matter the size of business that you have currently. Add to this the hosting and deployed solutions and you have a very powerful program that will work for any business. In addition, adding the many different Magento templates or themes and your site will be unique, flexible and open for business.

If you need more Magento Information, be sure to research online to find the answers on sites like and Ehow.
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