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Nov 6, 2011 9:56 AM
When you are out on the road driving , it can be a nice feeling to drive in the kind of car that distinguishes you from everyone else that you're sharing the roads with. This is the main reason why I will tell you about the , which is a very noticeable car. The Shelby GT500 Super Snake most luxurious package can be applied as an upgrade from the GT500 or the Shelby GT500s and only a limited number of cars will be built . The Shelby GT500 Super Snake is definitely more aggresive, yet balanced and smooth in its performance , so let's take look at the specs of this awesome muscle car.

When we talk about this car's interior and exterior, you immediately notice the car's amazing fiberglass front bonnet, an original Shelby design. Another noticeable feature is the Borla exhaust system and also the token Super Snake stripes, that comes in either matte white and matte black. Also you have Shelby 20" Alcoa wheels that comes with two exterior finishes.

In terms of this car's power, it has a standard horse power of 750hp for a 330 cui V8 engine with supercharger. An upgrade can take it up to 800bhp if that is what you want. And at last, let's not forget the six-speed transmission with a short-throw shifter, the the diferrential-ratio of 3.73 and front brake cooling ducts that give you extra control when driving.

With that kind of speed and power you will have a hard time not driving fast.
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