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Jul 12, 2009 4:01 AM

Not as impressive as my manga collection, seeing how I prefer to spend much of my money on manga/merchantdice rather than DVDs. But its still noteworthy of such a page...

Air TV vol. 2
Air TV vol. 3
Angelic Layer DVD set
Black Lagoon season 1 DVD set
Cardcaptor Sakura vol. 1
Cardcaptor Sakura vol. 2
Cardcaptor Sakura vol. 13
Cardcaptor Sakura vol. 17
Cardcaptor Sakura vol. 18
Cardcaptor Sakura: The Clow DVD set (eps 1-35)
Cardcaptor Sakura: The Movie
Cardcaptor Sakura: The Movie 2, The Sealed Card (Special Ed)
Cardcaptors vol. 3
Cardcaptors vol. 9
Chobits vol. 1
Chobits vol. 2
Chobits vol. 3
Chobits vol. 4
Chobits vol. 6
CLAMP Double Feature: Tsubasa Chronicle/xxxHolic movies
Cowboy Bebop: Remix, Remastered DVD set
Coyote Ragtime show vol 1-3 with tin box (complete set)
Fate/Stay Night vol. 1
Fruits Basket complete series DVD set (cheap version)
Fullmetal Alchemist vol. 5
Fullmetal Alchemist vol. 6
Fullmetal Alchemist vol. 7
Fullmetal Alchemist season 1 part 1 (eps 1-16)
Fullmetal Alchemist: The Movie (Special Ed)
InuYasha: The Movies DVD set
Kanon (2006) complete series DVD set
Magic Knight Rayearth season 1 DVD set
Magic Knight Rayearth season 2 DVD set
Sailor Moon vol. 1 (DiC dub)
Sailor Moon vol. 5 (DiC dub)
Sailor Moon vol. 8 (DiC dub)
Sailor Moon vol. 9 (DiC dub)
Sailor Moon vol. 10 (DiC dub)
Sailor Moon vol. 11 (DiC dub)
Sailor Moon vol. 12 (DiC dub)
Sailor Moon season 1 DVD set (Uncut/Subbed)
Sailor Moon S season 3 DVD set
Sailor Moon S: Heart Collection vol. 6
Sailor Moon SuperS season 4 DVD set
Sailor Moon SuperS: Dream Collection vol. 7
Sailor Moon: The Movies DVD set
Shakugan no Shana vol. 1
Shakugan no Shana Season 1 DVD set
Slayers season 1, Remastered DVD set
Tenchi Universe: Space II
Tenchi Muyo the Movie: Tenchi in Love
X vol. 1
X vol. 2
X vol. 3
X vol. 4
X vol. 5
X vol. 6
X vol. 7
X vol. 8

(Not shown: Sailor Moon R and S movies, they are currently being used as a seat for my Sailor Moon dolls in my display cabinet.

Cardcaptors: Misdirections
Cardcaptors: The Movie
Sailor Moon: Good Queen, Bad Queen
Sailor Moon S: Labyrinth
Sailor Moon S: Search for the Savior
Sailor Moon S: Hotaru’s Secret
Sailor Moon SuperS: The Eclipse
Sailor Moon SuperS: Diana’s Secret
Sailor Moon SuperS: Mina’s Rescue
Sailor Moon R: The Movie
Sailor Moon S: The Movie
Sailor moon SuperS: The Movie
Tenchi Muyo vol. 1
Tenchi Muyo vol. 2
Tenchi Muyo vol. 3
Tenchi Muyo vol. 4

(Because I’m just as proud of my non anime DVD collection. Please note I’m only listing my non-movie DVDs.)
Arrested Development season 1
Arrested Development season 2
Arrested Development season 3
Ducktales vol. 1
Ducktales vol. 2
Darkwing Duck vol. 1
Darkwing Duck vol. 2
Garfield and Friends vol. 1
Garfield and Friends vol. 2
Garfield and Friends vol. 3
Garfield: As Himselef
Garfield: Holiday Celebrations
Garfield: Fantasies
Garfield: Travel Adventures
Malcolm in the Middle season 1
My Name is Earl season 1

LAST UPDATED: Nov, 17, 2011

FIRST VHS: Sailor Moon: Good Queen, Bad Queen
FIRST DVD(s): Sailor Moon vol. 5 and 10...I think
FIRST DVD SET: Sailor Moon season 1 (Uncut)
Yes, I was a total Moonie back then before I got deeply into the world of anime.
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Apilish | Jul 12, 2009 5:45 AM
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