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Nov 4, 2011 7:53 AM
A Philadelphia slip and fall lawyer offers services for individuals who have become victims of such accidents in the greater Philadelphia area. Shockingly enough, almost 16,000 fatalities occur annually from slip and fall injuries in the United States alone. Aside from deaths, there are countless injuries leaving many impaired, often times for life. Typically slip and falls are completely accidental, and caused by forces which nobody can help. Often times when people find themselves in situations such as these, a slip and fall lawyer in Philadelphia can possibly help you remand damages for your accident.

Most slip and fall accidents occur on other individuals properties. Some examples would be at the grocery store, restaurant, resort, or even the movies. If the slip and fall accident occurs on another parties property, then your entitled to seek damages. In order to file a premises liability claim, you should always consider hiring a seasoned Philadelphia injury lawyer who can help you fight your case. Many slip and fall accidents are the result of obstructions, poor lighting, wet or slippery surfaces, and defects in the flooring. Studies show that over 69% of typical slip and fall cases are directly related to dangerous or hazardous conditions.

The typical slip and fall accident usually happens in one of two ways. Either your rear foot slips out, which causes your to fall forward onto your face, or your front foot slides from underneath you causing you to fall backwards potentially cracking your head. However, the scenarios of how one could possibly slip and fall is potentially endless. Whether you trip over you own feet or an object in your path, you very well could attain injuries of a severe nature.

If and when a slip and fall accident in Philadelphia happens, your first concern should be seeking medical help for your injuries at your local hospital. They will also assist you in documenting your injuries. Second order of business is to seek professional council by way of Philadelphia injury lawyer who can assist you in filing a damages claim lawsuit.

The best method of finding a qualified injury lawyer in Philadelphia would be to turn to the internet search engines like Google. The best results usually can be found by searching on the term - Injury Lawyer Philadelphia. This will pull up your best options in finding qualified Philadelphia injury lawyers. It must be mentioned that the sooner legal council is retained for you claim, the better for your legal case. Promptness is always important when filing a personal injury claim. As always, do your homework first before selecting a Philadelphia accident lawyer.
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