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Nov 3, 2011 6:47 PM
It just so happens that you decided to break your iPhone screen by accident. You now have 4 alternatives from probably the most expensive to least expensive: throw your iPhone away and buy another 1, sell your iPhone for parts and buy a new 1, pay a professional repair company to fix iPhone, or fix iPhone your self. To attempt to save cash, most people will choose the 4th selection, to fix iPhone, but will quickly understand that they need to figure out first how you can take the iPhone apart. Here is an example guide of the best way to fix iPhone.

Fist of all it truly is very important to figure out what's wrong along with your device so as to replace the broken elements. If we take the iPhone 3G by way of example, to fix iPhone screen, preserve in thoughts that the LCD isn't glued to the glass screen assembly in the front portion. A suction cup can be a handy tool that is used in most iPhone repairs to help open the gadget safely. All iPhone have 2 screws located on the bottom, which you will have to get rid of and use the suction cup to pry the screen up. Just remember not to pull the suction cup too hard because you'll be able to rip a lot of connections on the inside of the telephone.

The next step would be to disconnect the screen assembly from the rest of the iPhone with no damaging it. Get rid of the 3 black ribbon cables within the order you see them from 1 - three. Make certain that you are additional cautious when disconnecting these cables so that you don't harm them in the procedure.

The screen assembly has a total of six screws that hold the LCD screen and the glass screen together. Just remember that in the event you shed these screws then it will be almost impossible to uncover them on a floor like carpet. So a straightforward remedy to assist you not lose them is always to use some thing sticky like scotch tape plus a white piece of paper so u can hold them down in the order that they were removed to keep yourself organized during the repair procedure.

The next step is always to separate the LCD screen from the rest of the glass screen assembly and to do this basically insert a pry tool among the two metal rails holding the screen together and pry it apart. A pry tool that's made of metal is especially helpful but is also extremely harmful considering that a small slip can trigger harm to the surrounding motherboard components inside the phone itself so extreme care and caution really should be exercised.

You may need to eliminate the plastic frame from the glass screen by loosening the adhesive that holds them together. This may be completed by heating up the edges of the screen having a heat gun. Use extreme caution to not overheat the plastic frame. You'll be able to also use a hair drier if it gets hot enough.

This really is pretty considerably all of the specifications of fix iPhone problems. For more information on how to please visit
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