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Jun 19, 2009 4:25 PM
Anime Relations: Higashi no Eden

Higashi no Eden turned out to be a pretty awesome show. Few minor problems here and there, and admittedly, nothing ever really topped the first episode which was really full of intrigue. However, combine the excellent production values, intriguing story and characters (or at least some) that I had come to love and you've got yourself a pretty good show. Now the only bad thing is ending on a cliffhanger, and no resolution until the films, which will not even air until November and January. Oh how they tease us so!

I ended up starting to watch Soul Eater again. I had originally planned to wait until AllHailExcalibur released the uncut night show fansubs, which rumours mentioned was happening any day soon (only being held up by someone mucking about with the karakoke for the new OP). However, it looks like that day will never come, so I've resorted to watching the original cut show. And I've gotten back into it in a short time. It won't be long before I complete it either, its another amazing show.

And now the Summer season is about to begin, but no shows are really looking all that appealing to pick up and fill the void. We still have Basquash! (despite the recent drama) and the new Fullmetal Alchemist remake to keep me going. Otherwise, I'll have to get around to finishing some of the other shows clogging up my supposed "Currently watching" category on MyAnimeList!
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