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Jun 16, 2009 7:13 PM
Anime Relations: Fate/stay night
I've posted this on AniDB on Feb. 17th

Without knowing it before I've posted it:
Fate/Stay night's official website announced this:
on 2009.2.16 [NEWS]Fate/stay night ブルーレイにて発売決定!( Fate/stay night Blu-ray Release! )

On April 24th is finally the release of it, THORA started working on it right away and some generous uploader uploaded the BDMV ( it's like ISO to DVDs ) on 30th.

[QTS], @Lv.1 and some folks from ktxp ripped Fate/Stay Night in various quality and [QTS] as the only one who released 720p s.

A dream came true never tasted so sweet like this.
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