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Oct 31, 2011 3:15 AM
The writing of speeches for mother of the bride should be well prepared with positive thoughts and feelings. Mothers who need to make some personal messages for the wedding of their daughter try to recall great memories from the past without being too sentimental. This is something you also need to do when preparing for a speech. Controlling your emotions is important when writing a speech. - Helps

Your goals are to convey love to your daughter, impress the groom and his family, and please the entire audience. Those things must be kept in your mind throughout the whole process of writing a speech. Remembering those things can assist you to come up with a great speech everyone will like to hear.

Begin writing by thanking everybody who has come to the wedding. Your appreciation must include a warm welcome to the visitors. Name some people who deserve to be acknowledged. Those are the parents of the groom, the entourage members and the wedding planner. Opening a few short remarks must be done politely.

The speech must be positive, delightful and humorous. Choose encouraging words instead. You have to not give remarks and comments that are humiliating. You have to avoid revealing childhood stories or past memories that can cause offense. Overall, your speech has to signify love, happiness and pride. The delivery of a speech is actually a way for you to celebrate the big event with the newlyweds. And most importantly, you will have to share advice about marriage. Giving a few messages that are inspiring and motivational can be the keys of the good life of the couple.

Writing speeches for mother of the bride is not only about giving praise and admiration to the couple. You are actually giving additional moment to the wedding. Therefore, you must prepare a speech full of delight and love. Speaking in front of many guests is a wonderful privilege given to you.
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