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Oct 30, 2011 11:43 AM
You could ask 10 families and acquire 10 different solutions to this difficult question. The jewelry industry would connect you with believe that you'll want to spend 2 months valuation on income with a ring. If the "two months of revenue rule" is correct, I understand a great deal of cheap people!

In fact people come close to spending so much cash a ring. Research has shown that even millionaires usually buy wedding rings worth below $5,000. Spending copious amounts of greenbacks on a single little bit of jewelry is not really financially prudent, so what is the goal of spending arrrsubstantial amountrrrof money on a diamond ring?

Hopefully you agree that engagement ring is not a good investment. I know my partner would kill me for selling her gemstone (and that i never anticipate doing so). If this expensive piece of jewelry seriously isn't a smart investment, then maybe how big diamonds is proportional towards the quantity of thank you have on your wife? The jewelry industry want because of this really. Looking within the expensive wedding rings worn by frequently divorced actresses, I'm wondering but if your marriage will be safer by collecting a more economical arena.

By having an expensive wedding ring not being a great investment or perhaps an accurate measurement of affection, precisely what does a high-end wedding ring mean? The answer - liability. Would men walk about daily holding $20,000 in cash? Hopefully not! Thankfully diamond engagement rings is often insured. If you wear expensive jewelry, make sure to insure this asset.

Should you be wanting to buy an engagement ring, consider:
1. Family members heirloom. You could possibly have it without cost, but it holds far more meaning. If it is rather valuable, insure it.
2. Spend a practical amount of money for a ring coming from a second-hand source. If you want to a series jewelry store, you may overpay.
3. Something aside from diamond jewelry. There is not any rule you have to employ a diamond ring. There are lots of attractive stones around.
4. Negotiate. Diamond rings usually are not beyond haggling.

Looking for an diamond engagement ring really should be fun. If the fee is stressing you, you most likely are looking to spend money. A bigger diamond will not be worth finding myself debt over. Then again let me show you ways to be wealthy.
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