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Oct 28, 2011 11:18 AM
MuseZen is an ongoing entertainment competition whose mission is usually to supply the chance of both aspiring and established entertainers to be seen in the professional, national arena. MuseZen is made to nurture the talent of entertainers on all levels and promote excellence in the art of entertainment. Amateur and professional entertainers and musicians are invited to participate. MuseZen carries a prestigious panel of judges which will offer input and advice offering exposure and also the possibility for have your songs heard by some by far the most influential decision-makers within the music business.

MuseZen has assembled a distinguished panel of judges for its 2012 competition. And among the most experienced judging panel of your music competition in the business. MuseZen offers entertainers, songwriters and artists the unprecedented possibility to be viewed and have their music heard by iconic recording artists, booking agents, entertainment agencies as well as record labels, A&R executives, producers, music supervisors, plus more.

Now accepting entries for that 2012 competition, MuseZen will deliver away a lot more than $30,000 in studio time, development, cash and prizes. (shared one of many winners). MuseZen is accessible to all quantities of entertainers and categories that come with all genres of popular music. We're in search of various entertainers, dancers, choreographers, reputation acts, singer songwriters and everyone concerning.

Winning MuseZen is usually a tremendous career booster. For some artists a push within the right direction as well as a solid contact is made of the only thing that is require assistance them develop their carrier. Along with getting entertainers more gigs, fans, and recognition, our contestants could have the opportunity secure a spot with entertainment agencies representing choreographers, dancers, commercial television, industrials, music publishing deals, smaller label deals, licensing deals, and distribution deals.


Terry Ellis can be an accomplished singer which has a 5 octave vocal range hailing from the American R&B/Pop group En Vogue. En Vogue isn't just on the list of top ten best selling female categories of In history, but in addition has more MTV VMA awards than Every other FEMALE GROUP in the past.

Pandora hails from the modern world famous Style Elements Crew. She gets evoked a standing ovation in the judges on Fox's So that you Think You may Dance and landed opportunities in lots of music videos, Television ads and films including Disney's Boost 3D. Pandora has been specifically personally cast by Step-up 3D director Jon M. Chu as Autumn inside the online dance series THE LXD: Legion of Extraordinary Dancers.


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