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Oct 26, 2011 12:03 PM
One of the main reasons 4x4s and 4WD SUV's are so popular is they have numerous exceptional precautionary features. You will find five proven ones that buyers desire and feel safer and secure when driving this kind of 4x4.

***Front Impact Airbags***

This safety feature bursts open upon a direct impact in a crash or collision, and it's important for 4WDs because so many turn out driven aggressively both on / off road where the incidence of needing accidents is really a lot greater than in other vehicles. They protect the trucker, and often the passenger too in most makes and models, from having to the dashboard and windshield, thus reducing the level of accidental injury they suffer. They've been around in 4x4s for quite a while now and this feature remains to be in great demand by purchasers.

***4-Wheel ABS Anti-Lock Brakes***

It is deemed an inherently modern-day and advanced foot brake that involves simultaneous braking coming from all four wheels simultaneously whether the vehicle is at either two-wheel drive or in the 4x4 drive mode. Rather than a couple of wheels locking up and doing all the braking, a much volume of hydraulic brake fluid passes through each of the four independent brake lines in order that the disc or drum brakes clench down tightly from the inner brake rotor as controlled by electronic circuitry coupled to the vehicle's main brake master cylinder. This feature also generates a much smoother plus much more even while well like a more powerful braking sensation to aid stop the car considerably more precisely and evenly.

***Side Curtain Air Bags***

These side air bags protect the passenger and the driver in the front seats from the SUV by opening upon a collision impact. They operate in addition to top impact air bag to provide far more safety as opposed to front air bag alone could possible achieve. Physical injuries on the upfront driver and passenger are significantly diminished whenever a side collision occurs at either low, moderate, or high speeds by another vehicle, be it an automobile, truck, van, or even another 4WD SUV. It seems like a pressure sensation up against the driver's and passenger's body whenever they explode open upon side impact incidents, plus it helps protect bones from being fractured as well as helping prevent head and neck injuries also.

***Stability Control System***

This is a sophisticated stabilization system included in almost every 4WD SUV be it at the low or top end in the price tag range. The machine helps more consistently maintain the vehicle inside most perfect balance possible on dangerous roads, including ice and snow as well as dirt driving applications. It uses electronic and hydraulic circuitry and advanced mechanical technology and design engineering to deliver the safest overall ride possible on a wide array of terrains, including pitted and pockmarked surfaces, as well as on steep hills with a lot of bumps in it.

***High Performance Tyres in Bad Weather***

These precisely designed, hi-tech tyres provide enormous safety control in challenging road conditions and during driving in foul weather including on slick, rainy roads, during sleet, hail, slush, mud, sand and dirt. The immense strength from the tires in addition to their rugged deep grooves increase the risk for 4x4s handle far more securely and gives the driver and passengers with superb overall reassurance. Moreover, one other popular safety feature to cover that's commonly seen on 4x4s is definitely an anti-theft alarm security system, but this does not have all the related to actual driving with the vehicle because other safety and security features mentioned.
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