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Feb 14, 2009 3:05 AM
Anime Relations: Fullmetal Alchemist, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
Like the title suggests, i’m having a hard time controlling my excitement for the new FMA anime. Then when somebody at the forums ( posted this article:
I figured I might as well post my thoughts on the new anime so far from all the infromation gathered so far in the form of a blog.

For starters the director. I have yet to see any of the other series he directed, but i’m just glad they decided to get a new one after what happened to the last FMA series. Seeing how this new guy enjoyed the manga and Arakawa seams to approve of him and is looking forward to seeing what he does, things are looking very promising. From the interviews it sounds like this guy knows what hes doing and he wants to do it right.

Paku Romi and Rie Kugimiya returning for Ed and Al. OF COURSE I”M HAPPY!!! *obessed Ed fangirl* Just hearing that Paku Romi playing the role of Ed again seriously made my day and Rie Kugimiya returning for Al is also wonderful! Lets hope they get the rest of the cast back! *grins*

The artwork. When I first heard that the artwork for the new anime was going to resemble the manga much more closely, to be honest I wan’t to thrilled about the idea. I really liked the artwork from the first series (didn’t care for the movie though), more so than the art from the manga. Even after seeing the previews for it, i’m still not too sure, but then again its hard to tell from a few short clips. But I do like how they are making the art look different from the original, this way at a glance you can tell its a different series. and i’m also looking forward to seeing it in widescreen! ^^

The music. I will admit I liked the last composer, even if the soundtrack was pretty mediocre. I really liked the militaristic-like/classical feel of it, and I thought it fit the series really well. There was times when I would read the manga while listening to it, and some of the tracks actually fit the scenes I read. So I didn’t mind if they got the same composer back. If they had to change, I had my hopes up for Yuki Kaijira or Nakagawa Koutaru (I thought of Yoko Kanno too, but her style doesn’t seam to fit FMA very well). I loved Kaijira’s work from Tsubasa and Noir, and I can totally see her making one hell of a soundtrack for FMA. Koutaru did the soundtrack for Code Geass, i wasn’t too thrilled for the soundtrack for the first season, but the soundtrack for R2 blew me away. I even imaged scenes from the manga playing out with tracks from R2 playing, the results where amazing! Although I had my hopes up for one of the 3, they surprised me when they decided on Akira Senju. I have never heard of this composer before that they choose, nor seen anything hes worked on. But if Arakawa likes the guy then i’m all for it, perhaps he will surprise me and give us an awsome soundtrack.
Theme-song wise, maybe we will have another awsome track by Asian Kung-fu generation and L’arc-en-ciel! Then I also have high hopes for High and Mighty Color, expecially after getting into listening to them again recently. UVERworld, Abingdon Boy’s School and Acess wouldn’t be half-bad either. Perhaps a nice ending theme by YUI too? We’ll see...

the title alone, FMA2. I wish they would give it a different name instead of having the “2” in there, it would give people the wrong idea thinking its a sequel to the first. why not FMA(2003)/FMA (2009) like what they did with Kanon? Or like with Tenchi series and add to the title. For an idea, like “FMA Rewrite” or something? *shrugs*

List of things I will miss from the old anime:
-the artwork (I really liked the art in the 1st series)
-Huges’ screentime (he was only in the first 4 volumes of the manga, and the flashback of the Ishbal war in vol 15, so in the new series he won’t be around much. >< )
-episodes 13 and 37 (EXPECIALLY ep 13, “Fullmetal VS Flame”, my fav, i actually have this ep on my iPod)
-most of the openings and endings

uhhh, thats it, everything else is crap in comparison to the manga....

List of things from the manga I want to see animated:
-like Arakawa, I also want to see the fight between Roy and Lust =D
-Scar blasting that f***ing Tucker’s head off, and Tucker STAYING DEAD LIKE HES SUPPOSED TO!!!! (seriously, that bastard deserved to die)
-seeing Ling, Lan Fan, Mei...ya know, the characters from Xing
-lets not forget the fight in Rush Valley after when Ed and Al met Ling
-Armstrong’s older sister, Oiliva and everything else that happens at Mt. Briggs heck, can i just sum things up and say “everything” so I don’t have to list it all? XD

Theres the more dramatic scenes too that I didn’t mention, but I could go on forever listing everything

Now let me throw in a quick word here to the people who are saying this “remake” is just for profit and that the first series was fine as is. For starters, there 2 different kinds of remakes: remakes for profit and remakes just to improve on the original. So far, this particular case is turning out to be the latter. A Hollywood example would be King Kong and its remake. Peter Jackson loved the original, and he just wanted to update it for today’s audience using today’s technology. Okay, maybe not the best example, but you get the drift. In the case of FMA, the “update” would be including more matieral from the manga.

If you think about it, the first series that was made seemed to be made with getting a profit in mind. I mean, they could have waited for more material from the manga to work with like with some series, but did they? No, they went and made it anyways, and as a result it became today’s Evangelion. But now, unlike Evangelion, we’re getting a remake that sticks to the original. I just hope the remake isn’t a carbon copy of the manga. As much as I love the manga, I hate to see the exact same thing but played out in anime form. So a few small differences would be nice, just nothing big that would ruin the whole anime....

Anyways thats it for now, still looking forward to the new series, and with the manga begining to near the end I can look forward to that as well. It’s gonna be interesting to see how it all turns out. ;)
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