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Jan 12, 2009 10:09 PM
Anime Relations: Mobile Suit Gundam 00, Mobile Suit Gundam 00 Second Season
At what cost does Peace play when many Countries still manufacture weapons that harm humanity? Are they fatally flawed into thinking that Military Supremacy would protect the peace that currently holds, yet treaties are constantly rotting per generation…as technology advances and creates new ways that harms everyone. As soldiers blindly following orders from the Country, Mercenaries and PMCs All the while Controversy constantly sparks amongst the civilians, often powerless while watching helplessly as events unfold…all the while criticizing moves made by either party…yet those words doesn’t matter as war rages on, often giving birth to excuses of self-defense, intervention, annexation…Do we really live in such fragile times?

Honestly, I don’t care at all of politics, the economy, the media and all…too much tiny details that many try to comprehend, but get caught up in. But when I watch an anime that makes me question the society we live in these days, then it’s definitely one to watch in my books.

For those who don’t know, Gundam 00 takes place in the Anno Domini era, in which resources are becoming rare, and that the world now uses Orbital Elevators as their current source of energy. Three are currently made, each in use by a world power. Right then on you have:

* World Economic Union (US North & South, Japan, Australia) - Controls the South American Orbital Elevator.

* Advanced European Union - Controls the Orbital Elevator in Africa, which means they also control the country due to their military presence.

* Human Reform League (Eurasian Russia, China, Parts of South Asia, Southeast Asia, Korea, Taiwan, Papua New Guinea) - Controls the Orbital Elevator off the Coast of Australia.

Of course since they have complete control of the elevators and hereby the very source of all energy in the world, all other third world countries would attempt to make a sort of treaty with them, no? Yup, but unfortunately for the countries that have close to none to bargain with (in particular the Middle East due to Oil being near useless now), civil wars are fought, and to top it all, some even plan attacks near the elevators in a bid for control. This in turn, gives the Military to further their research into their

Enter Celestial Being, a Secretive Private Armed Organization that comes into play. Their goal is to eradicate war from the world…through the use of Armed Interventions in the world battles. Being run secretly by just a handful of people, this would would spell disaster in the “Eradicating War” plans if they didn’t have their aces: Gundams.

Gundams in this series are basically so advanced that it makes the Mobile Suits the World Powers use like little Transformer toys. As a result, if you didn’t guess, the World Powers are utilizing ways to capture them for their own research and furthering their own agendas.

Celestial Being thereby has a bit of dilemma in their hands…by attempting their Armed Interventions in order to eradicate war from the world, the problem is how the world looks upon them. Some see them as a bit of a contradiction…others embrace what they are doing. But the World Powers want their technology badly…does their goal of obtaining world peace already have a sort of taint around them?

Or is it a good bet that Peace is nothing more than an Illusion; There to be a sort of balance to reach, yet cannot be obtained? One thing is for sure, as I quote from a popular videogame franchise: “War…war never changes.”
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