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Jan 6, 2009 10:29 AM

Favorite Anime/Manga Genres:
- Drama / Romance
- Comedy
- Dark (= mysterious, psychological, horror, etc.)

- Horror
- Yuri
- Romance

old - new

Trophies, Awards etc.:

'Mathes's scores average about 1.51 points lower than the average scores posted by other members.'
tells me my list, so it seems that my judgment on anime is a bit harsher then most people.
I think my rating schema is pretty common
(through I have seen many people set their average at 7/8 and not at 5/6)
but there are also lots of folks that are even worse then me. ;)

10 - so damn superb that I could watch it over and over again
9 - awesome, I have nearly nothing to complain about here
8 - something I enjoyed very much for most parts of the show
7 - it lacked something from time to time, but had it's moments
6 - for most parts still quite watchable
5 - pretty bland or boring for most parts, but it has at least a few good points
4 - not really something I'd suggest people to watch
3 - if I hear a discussion about this, you'll most likely see me join it on the contra site
2 - stay away
1 - I wonder why I started watching this in the first place..

Not read many manga, so I'm a bit more loose with manga scores.

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