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Oct 21, 2011 5:21 AM
Nineteen contests per year beginning in Mar and ended in November, when not being seated in the cab, then spending the day to keep doing gym, finish an important competition and have to run in order to catch the plane to another location, hoping to adapt the 1st 6 / 9 different timezones immediately.

More than 9 months a year, the Formula 1 driver lives like this. Days are far away from Clay Regazzoni as well as James Hunt, essentially the most renowned viveur and afterwards drags the spectacle, but also the ones of Elio de Angelis - the important house rider who unfortunately passed away in year 1986 at the Paul Ricard rounds at the time of testing associated with being mundane.

Retired Ferrari driver Stefan Johansson remarkable '80s has been one more sample to relax in the spare time he liked to paint. "Little Leaf", so called from a small Stefan's papa, who migrated to the U.S.A. to carry on his particular career as the skilled pilot, began step by step to educate yourself about many mechanical timepieces, their complexity and also styles so as to start to draw and make Stefan Johansson Vaxjo with the brand name.

They're that reflect the whole world of racing which Stefan continues to stay along with passion and with great results. And 'his great work the timepiece AND MARK VIII 033 shows that the edge of the dial for every index, consisting of 12 o'clock as well as six o'clock, ten vintage colorful flags of FIA, employed in every world-wide contest organised by the committee.

That steel chest is of enormous dimension: this measures FORTY SEVEN millimeter in diameter, but the silk is to defend it from slight scratches which can occur inside the small cab of a race vehicle, are quite stylish.

For the wrist strap, there are several choices: 1 in Silicon, decent to remain involved in environments of great heat, or even python or crocodile with a core of PVC.
The Mark VIII as well built - Quantity-limited Edition - with case wholly of high-tech carbon.

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