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Dec 18, 2008 8:06 PM
Quick little rant here.

One of my guilty pleasures on MAL is to rate all reviews that give out 10s as not helpful. There are two things that go through my head when I see a perfect 10 review. One, the person has nothing critical to say in their review thus it is not helpful. Two, the person does make a critical comment, yet they still gave out a PERFECT 10? That just makes me think they are dumb, and thus the review is not helpful.

A good solid review that I want to read are ones where the anime gets a 7. These tend to be the most helpful reviews. This is a review where the person has both good things, and bad things to say about the anime. It allows a reader to form an opinion about the anime before they see it. They read the review and see what the person writing the review both liked and disliked. This allows the reader to form their own opinion. A review that is close to 10 tends to be a fanboy going on and on about how so and so is the best character ever, or such and such is the best anime ever. And chances are if you go to their list they will have rated everything 8 and above.

If you are thinking about writing a review and giving it a 10 think twice. It is not helpful to read a review by someone that absolutely loved the anime, and loved the animation, and loved the characters, and loved the story... Instead review an anime that you had mixed feelings about. Express those feelings so that the world can see them. Those are your useful feelings. These are the feelings that will make you say, well in the story I like such and such a feature, but when it came to so, and so I just couldn't get over whosit.

Right now try and experiment. Go to the page for an anime you have never even heard of. And read the reviews that give out 10s, and ask yourself if that helps you determine if you want to watch that anime. Then find a review that rates it ~7. See the difference?
Posted by OmegaRed | Dec 18, 2008 8:06 PM | 3 comments
OmegaRed | Feb 26, 2009 2:39 PM
That was a good thread. Nice to see that a lot of the stuff that goes through my head is also going through other peoples.
Beatnik | Feb 26, 2009 6:15 AM
I think you will find this thread interesting! Check it out, I end up changing my thoughts a little by the end, but still I'm of the opinion outlined in the first post.

I do agree with your reasoning that the majority of reviews with a 10 rating will be less objective than ratings closer to 8 or 7.
OmegaRed | Feb 26, 2009 5:29 AM
I thought of one situation where a 10 might be alright. That is a case where a reviewer has built up a collection of reviews such that a reader can begin to learn what the reviewer likes and does not like. Thus, they may learn that their views are similarly aligned and thus they would actually learn something from reading a 10. Also, a person might look at a reviewer review collection and see that they do not give out a 10 easily, and then seeing a 10 discover a true gem.