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Nov 25, 2008 1:37 PM
It's funny how people can turn a defeat into victory, they just love a good paradox in life. America first got on it's feet through augmenting its legs with slaves, someone to work in the fields in return for a generally inferior existence. Get some cheap workers that you can force into what could be loosely defined as flexible labor, who cares about their mental stability really!?
Unfortunately some people had this ridiculously altruistic vision of equality! So the damn civil war raged, some 600,000 people got knocked out of the gene pool, and the US got the 14th amendment! So they were now seriously lacking in slaves, I felt for those capitalist porkers, I really did. Fortunately they had some cheeky little corporate lawyers, who were really having a hard time earning their bucks with all the restrictions on corporate ventures.
These shrewd little bourgeoisie found that with the 14th amendment, they were able to convince the courts to allow corporations to be treated like a singular person. Allowing them the buying, selling and suing rights of any ol' Joe supping moonshine. In the first 30 or so years, the 14th amendment was used in court over 280 corporations, and under 20 times by African Americans.
So thanks to the black man, America got a leg up. And thanks to an attempt to free them, now we're all slaves.

A corporation can go into Mexico and under international trading rights, be treated as a Mexican citizen. A Mexican can go to New York, ask to be treated equally, and be lucky to survive.
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