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Nov 22, 2008 8:42 PM
Let's get this out of the way first..
Feminists can (usually) be placed within three categories;

  • Liberal Feminists- Stereotypically put; one of those women in a crisp business suit, high heels, tight bun haircut and thick rimmed glasses. A Liberal Feminist has no problem whatsoever with the patriarchal way in which this world is ruled, in fact she supports it. Her goal is to join the ranks of high-rise businessmen, get the car, the house, the office view, the TV, and the current societies approval.
  • Communist Feminists- The polar opposite of the liberal, a woman belonging to this 'class' of feminism seeks to topple the oppressive patriarchal, bourgeoisie leaders of this world. She sees the root of the problem as being our system of mainly male rule, including the male-constructed capitalist world market.
  • Radical Feminists- A basic belief that all men are scum, almost everything to do with men is shunned (including sexual relations). Their views on resolving the 'male problem' are usual quite severe and generally not well thought out (in my opinion).

    I'd like to ask where feminism has gone, where is it going? Has it split off into more sub-branches? Has it gone back underground? Do we care?...
    I obviously do, and think it's going in the wrong damn direction. The original ideals and beliefs of feminism were great, get women in universities, varying workplaces, get them respect and equal reward for their effort. Unfortunately like most pure ideals placed in the hands of people, this was twisted and reformed into a force to be used by a specific group for exclusive gain.
    Modern feminists have been blinded by their own recently discovered power, in a desperate (or greedy) rush to gain everything they can as quickly as they can, all strategy has gone out the proverbial window. An almost disgustingly ignorant case of this is that of a lecture given by a feminist scholar in the US (I'm really sorry about the lack of reference here) where a member of the audience belonging to a feminist group stood when the subject of geniuses came up, and denied the existence of geniuses. This is because there is scientific evidence that suggests there are more male geniuses than female. HOWEVER, there are many more male morons than female.
    Now if we think on this logically from an evolutionary perspective, it fits perfectly. If the majority of women had a decent (yet not excessive) intelligence they would be capable of adequately raising children, however not be so smart as to be hindered in this action by being put in a position of power. This is also true for males, the hunters/laborers don't need to be overly smart, and the leaders aren't too distracted from making important group decisions.
    What many feminists today want is an ignorant conclusion, they want us all to be treated exactly the same when we're not! It's a classic case of culture overtaking biological evolution, men and women are different! We are formed by and subject to different hormones, a woman will naturally struggle in a male dominated workplace because it's a high energy environment driven by testosterone, as a man would be hindered in a female dominated field. This doesn't even take into account the varying cultural upbringings of different people, what they see as respectful could easily be interpreted as offensive, which would be becoming more common in increasingly globalized workplaces/environments.
    My main conclusion from this is that nothing is free from corruption... hahaha I'm sorry but I couldn't help but use that line. Take what you will from this

    For more on this watch the south park episode 'Bebe's Boobs Destroy Society'
Posted by Milk-plus__ | Nov 22, 2008 8:42 PM | 1 comments
jukugo | Dec 11, 2008 1:36 PM
Feminism has grown well beyond the bounds of its original scope, and now is generally not solely concerned with the roles of women in society. The term is misleading now that feminism is largely concerned with general oppression of all sorts, along lines racial, gender-based, and cultural.

I would also like to point out that your definition of radical feminists is only a small portion of a fairly blanket term. In the modern academic understanding of the term--or at least a fairly large portion of the people involved in the discourse--feminism wouldn't even apply to your so-called radical feminists. Feminism deals a lot with oppresive forces of society acting on men, as well, even if their original focus on women is still present.