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Oct 19, 2011 1:58 PM
Anime Relations: Hunter x Hunter, Hunter x Hunter (2011)
I decided to start reading the Hunter x Hunter Manga so I can compare and contrast the original Anime adaptation to the new adaptation and decide which one actually does stick closer to the actual Manga. That said, my journal entry is going to contain spoilers depending on the content of the episodes of each Anime and the Manga. I'll start off with a synopsis of the chapters and episodes, giving exactly which episodes are covered. I'll then go into an examination of the actual content.

Chapter One ~ Manga

In chapter one of the Manga, we meet Gon our protagonist as he fishes a monster fish to show his aunt Mito so he can take the exam. We are then treated to a flash back to why Gon decides to become a hunter and how he found out that his father Ging as he is spending time with his animal friends. He then leaves for the ships to take him away.

Episodes One and Two ~ Original Adaptation

The first episode of the adaptation starts off with why Gon wants to become a Hunter and how he found out Ging was a hunter. Mito is seen at one point trying to burn Ging's stuff. He is then given a week by Mito to fish up the big fish, and she finally gives him his father's fishing rod to suceed in the task, saying something along the lines of, “if he isn't able to do it with this, he won't be able to do it at all”. Gon then sails to where the ships are in a little boat, waving goodbye to his forest friends.

In the second episode, Gon meets up with Leorio, who is in need of money for some reason or another, apparently to buy a ticket on the Hunter Exam boat, but it really isn't explained well. Leorio ends up stealing some fish from a vendor and Gon ends up releasing animals from an animal show that is cruel to the animals. They then rush to board the ship, getting help from Gon and his special Rod and they end up on the ship.

Episodes One (part one) ~ New Adaptation

The flash back of why Gon wants to become a hunter and why he knows his father is a hunter is cut out, but we do still see his father's hunter card. We are also given information that Ging also at one point fished the big monster, and we're given little tid bits about Ging, likely due to the fact that the Manga has gotten more material since the first airing. Instead of Gon's home being deep in a rural area, he is actually located on the docs. He then boards the ship.


My personal opinion is, the newer adaptation sticks closer to the first chapter Manga. Sure, the flash back was cut out, but that is likely going to be added in at a later date when it is more appropriate. There was no indication that Gon's home was located in a rural area, so I think that the mini boat ride to the coast was added in for filler. I may form a different opinion when I get further into the Manga and find out the exact location of Gon's home, but until then, the point stands. Another thing is, the original adaptation seems to over play the importance of the rod belonging to his father, rather then focusing on Gon's abilities.

Also, episode two of the original adaptation is filler, possibly even the animal show I liked so much. If they put this in because they need filler again, I think I would like it much better if Kilua was participating, because that would be funny. <span style="color:#FF0000;">While I haven't read beyond the first chapter of the Manga, I have to give my honest opinion that Leorio in the second episode was OoC drastically.</span> I don't see a person who wants money so that he can treat people and tell them they don't have to pay, would steal from someone who was trying to irk out a living, one of the people who he might end up treating in the long run.

Score: 0-1; 0-1
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