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Oct 18, 2011 3:35 PM

Should you make rap beats or other forms of beats then an excellent beat maker is an essential tool. There are many different beat makers obtainable to make your beats with, both on and offline. Some are good and a few not so good. Some are expensive and a few are cheap. Nicely now with Dub Turbo you can take action on that thought and provide you with your personal hit song.

In case you have ever wished to make some great beats but have lacked the money and resources to do it then please take a few moments to read this Dub Turbo review.

Dub Turbo is an revolutionary new music making program that is designed for both novice and intermediate beat makers to make use of with an easy studying curve.

When you've got never tried to make or mix your individual beats it doesn’t matter because Dub Turbo takes you through the method step-by-step and also comes with a comprehensive video coaching information to take you from novice by way of to skilled music maker inside a short quantity of time.

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Other beat making packages uses .mp3 samples so that you can use and mix which implies you might be already utilizing compressed, poor high quality files to make your personal beat tracks after which once you export your completed master track it will get compressed once more by the program and so what you find yourself with is a 3rd generation, poor high quality monitor that no one except perhaps your family and friends would want to pay attention to.

In the event you tried sending that to a DJ or music producer they'd snort and how inferior it sounded and probably relegate it to the trash. Dub Turbo is totally different, the programmer have spent countless hours sourcing out the samples used in the program. They then recorded them mastered them so the tip result is clear, uncompressed samples. Not solely that however Dub Turbo exports your master tracks as a 44.1 studio high quality wav file which suggests you will by no means have to fret about anyone not considering you are using skilled equipment.

The Dub Turbo interface has been designed from the bottom up to be simple to use for any ability level. The program truly mimics the structure of massive DAW’s that professional music producers use so when you're able to step as much as the more expensive applications you received’t have to relearn how to use them all over again.
Some Highlights of Dub Turbo:

The DT Sequencer Panel - From this space of Dub Turbo you may be producing your beat tracks. This panel actually mimics the big digital audio workstations the pro music producers use so if you find yourself ready to maneuver on to the more expensive music producing software program you'll already be conversant in format and how it functions.

Contained in the Dub Turbo DT sequencer panel you may set off or attract sounds utilizing keyboard shortcuts. It's also possible to draw in your bars and replica them with just a few clicks.
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