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Oct 18, 2011 2:43 AM
Many individuals e-mail us saying that their septic tank system smells, or that smells are coming through the drains. So can be these smells that come out of your sewage system to get expected? Well strangely enough, a wholesome septic tank must not smell. The reason a sewage system will smell is really because the bacteria inside the tank are dead. The bacteria are simply micro organisms that take in the rotten waste. Due to modern living however, along with the use of bleach, disinfectants, washing powders e.t.c these household cleaning products will eliminating the bacteria. As soon as the bacteria now die, after that your sewage system will start to die. The straightforward remedy is always to reinstall bacteria into your tank again.

The bacteria is very an easy task to install. After you receive the bacteria, open the sachet and just pour the contents down the toilet bowel. Within 2-3 days the smells will appear reduced.
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