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Jul 13, 2008 6:49 PM
TOKYO, Japan -- Over a hundred people attended a candlelight vigil held in rememberance for a beloved character from the popular TV anime, Code Geass. The vigil took place outside of Sunrise Inc. headquarters after being organized by 3 people from the popular Internet forum, 2ch.

The meeting became violent after several Sunrise's employees taunted the bereaved gathering.

"It was peaceful until these jerks came out and started shouting at us. They would shout 'show me your rage' and laugh extremely loud. I remember one of them shouting for us to wait and watch what happens to Kallen next week," Kazuhiko Kawaragi, an attendee, said.

The crowd then began to throw rocks and bottles at the employees. Police were called and arrived at the scene to quell the mob. Over twenty people were taken into police custody.

The Sunrise's employees managed to escape with only minor scrapes and bruises.

Sunrise Inc. spokesperson, Shiho Ishida, issued an apology on behalf of the company for the conduct of their employees. Ishida, however, also went on to express disappointment from fans' conduct at the vigil.

Various Internet forums exploded with activity upon hearing about one of the employees' comment about Kallen, another popular character from Code Geass.

Several Sunrise's employees have reported that they received threatening comments and emails. These emails were similar in that they all threatened that 'something' might happen if something were to happen to Kallen.

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