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Sep 19, 2011 10:43 AM
Humankind and its trade has boomed from the presence and introduction of tobacco. In the new years of the fourteenth century, explorers to the new world of North and South America brought tobacco back with them to Europe. Wealthier classes could afford to smoke often. The poor and middle class could afford tobacco in later years, when prices dropped due to an explosion in growth of the crop itself. Prices were further dropped by companies who competed. The evolution of smoking has come far and peaked with blu cigs. The ever popular electronic cigarette has found a new face in . The most obvious difference between blu cigs and normal cigs is that blu cigs are not constructed from paper. Blu cigs are usually crafted from fine plastics and ceramics. This enables them to be used over and over again, with the smoker only changing the filter of the item. Smoking blu cigs doesn’t result in a lot of trash. For the green earth conscious smoker, this cigarette is a great choice. In addition to reducing waste, blu cigs are known for not producing a great volume of smoke. Smoking indoors can be too troublesome for some, but not with blu cigs. The thin smoke disperse even more quickly than normal smoke. Odors due to smoking disperse simply with a fan or even a hand wave or two. Asthmatic smokers may have an easier time smoking blu cigs in comparison to traditional cigarettes. The smoker of these items can pick and choose the aspects they want in their cigarette. Flavors are able to be picked by the smoker. The flavors of filter based e cigs are nearly endless. One of the most popular flavors seems to be the timeless chocolate flavor. Companies are quick to offer e cigs that are flavored after more traditional cigarettes, such as Camel. Flavors more popular among older people are menthol. In a fascinating twist, various holiday flavors, such as candy cane, become available seasonally. Various shapes these items come in include pencils and pipes, among many others. These interesting shapes allow a smoker to smoke in a variety of different places with general discretion. Smoker should be careful to keep these out of the reach of children. A child might mistake these items for something more normal. Kids who like sweets may mistake a sweetly flavored version to be candy. Keeping these items in top shape is a cinch. They use an electronic charger, much like a cell phone. In fact, some companies design their items to be able to be plugged into a cell phone charger. In this way, a smoker’s hassles with chargers is significantly reduced. Many female smokers take to decorating their own chargers or buying prettier ones. The variety of shapes ranges from large to small. Some interesting chargers are shaped like cigarette boxes, and require the smoker to put the cigarette in a charge indent in the box. In this box method, a dozen or so cigarettes can be charging. These many cigarettes take a lot of time to charge at the same time, however, and it is faster to charge them individually with a special charger.
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