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Jul 11, 2008 8:11 AM
TOKYO, Japan -- A girl went missing on Friday apparently from jumping and disappearing into 'thin-air' in Takeshita-dōri, a police officer said. Takeshita-dōri is popular shop in the Harajuku district among pre-teens for their Hello Kitty's memorabilia.

The girl vanished around 1:00 p.m., according to various eyewitnesses' accounts. All that was left behind was a pair of panties. Police were, however, unable to find the panties after eyewitnesses report that a man picked it up and ran.

"I was watching her look at some Hello Kitty's stickers when she jumped and disappeared. I then saw a pair of pink panties float to the ground, it was definitely her panties. 'Disappeared' as in poof! You know Hiro from Heroes, it's kinda like that. I thought I was daydreaming at first," Yui Fukuyama, an employee of Takeshita-dōri, said.

A detailed description of the girl was provided by Jun Sugita, one of the eyewitnesses.

"The girl had short hair and was definitely Japanese. She was wearing white collared shirt and a blue mini-skirt. Now that I think about it, she was really cute. I wouldn't mind going out with her," Sugita grinned. "If she appears again, I want to ask her out."

Tomokazu Miyano, a professor at the University of Tokyo, responded that it wasn't possible for someone to just disappear after hearing about the incident.

Police are baffled as to whether to take the disappearance seriously since no missing person report has been filed.

UPDATE: The girl appeared again at Takeshita-dōri. When police arrived at scene, she was seen crying and gripping her right arm. After receiving an alert from his friend, Jun Sugita rushed to the shop and asked the girl out. He was quickly taken into police custody.

The girl was rushed to the hospital. The girl's name is still unknown.
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PunPunBaka | Jul 11, 2008 10:55 AM
anything is possible in japan o.O?

if anything it looks like a panty ad. lol @ random man picking up the panties and running.