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Jun 25, 2008 10:00 PM
I searched for an image of a tattoo I made a while ago and came across my photobucket account. I've been using imageshack FOREVER and completely forgot I had a photobucket. Soooooo... I decided I would post all my old signatures, avatars, etc for kicks. OMG they're so OLD! D:

Anyway. Enjoy. xD


Oh god... some of these are embarrassing. >_>;;

Lol AWESOME. This is how the above sig is supposed to look on the forum.
I have no idea why that was in there too. LOL.

(Made for someone else)

(Doodle for someone's Bday. Animated. :D)

(GTO oekaki)

LOL. And an old picture of myself... REALLY OLD! And REALLY BLURRY. @_@
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