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May 24, 2008 5:33 AM
This post contains spoilers. If you haven't read past Volume 17 yet (which is the volume that I have just finished), continue reading at your own risk. (I'm not going to be putting spoiler tags.)

I just had to write about this. I can't believe what I read at the end. It's one thing to cry at certain shoujo titles, and another to cry at a shounen one. (Although it may just be because I'm too emotional? :P) I was sympathizing with Sai when he was going over his emotions, facing regret, jealousy and at the same time, encouraging Hikaru and all sniff-ly when I was reading the part when Sai knew he was not going to be there long, was about to disappear and finally did. Despite having all those warnings that he was going to disappear someday, I was still very sad. I think I attached myself too much to Sai.

I was really disappointed at reading the "SAI SAGA - THE END." I really liked Sai even if he was sort of selfish in the later part of the story. I can't believe I won't be seeing his numerable expressions. :( I'm going to really miss Sai. He was one of the factors that I became really addicted to reading Hikaru no Go, in addition, of course, to the engaging storyline and the exceptional artwork.

Sai was my main comic relief in this series. I want more of him in the next volumes! (Even if it did clearly mark the end of his saga. Argh.)

Anyway, I'll continue on to read the next volumes. I hope to enjoy it even if Sai wasn't there. SNIFF. D:
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