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Sep 13, 2011 3:02 AM
Do you have a little one that is always after your gadgets like your smartphone or ipad? I do! Both my kids always want to play, but I'm very hesitant knowing how much my gadgets are. Afterall, kids are not the most gentle with certain toys. Nowadays it seems that all kids (even some toddlers) are so advanced in their electronic toy skills.I’m sure most parents, when they get home, get their iPad tablets “hijacked” by their kids. Although there are some kid-friendly apps on the Apple AppStore, the iPad (and most other tablet PCs) are not kid-proof. The worst that can happen is a dropped (and damaged) iPad.Well. those worries may soon be over. Leapfrog, a company specializing in kid digital entertainment devices, just recently announced its newest product – The LeapPad, the tablet for kids.The prediction that 2011 was going to the Year of the Tablet PC has come out to be true in every sense. As many as 50 tablets were seen in 2011 alone and more are on the way as MWC ended its show. Now there is another tablet PC making quite a news.Tablet makers have begun to satisfy the needs of younger generation and Maddy Rowe of OSM reported about InnoPad- VTech’s 5” LCD Tablet PC specifically targeted at the young. The trend is continuing with the release of new LeapPad that is termed as “Child-friendly”!It is a common scene that many of parents having iPads have to refuse the kids natural desire to play on their iPads. The LeapPad is built to satisfy this need of our kids, all too eager to get into the world of Tablets. Think of this even as a tool to introduce the kids to learn more effectively about this modern gadget that is going to be part of their lives. Paul Lamkin of Pocket-Lint, commenting about LeapPad in his article, refers also to the camera in this device capable of video recording.Considering the educational and recreational benefits the device is designed for, how much would you like to invest for this device? On that note, the device is priced reasonably at less than $100, and is affordable. The makers of the LeapPad stress on the educational benefits the tablet is offering.So what can your child do with his own tablet? Play games Read stories and develop his/her reading skills Tons of educational apps It even has front and back cameras Share his creativity with friends (his/her age) onlineThe LeapPad device, , designed for kids aged 4-9, takes learning to the next level with touch screen interaction and motion sensing technology.The LeapPad comes standard with four apps and has a library of over 1000 games available via software download or cartridge form. The LeapPad is also compatible with other LeapFrog game cartridges such as those designed for the Leapster Explorer and LeapFrog Explorer. Children interact with the LeapPad by using the touch screen, the stylus as well as by shaking and turning it, resulting in hours of fun and excitement.The reading comprehension apps on the literally bring the characters to life for the kids while they are reading their favorite stories. Additional learning topics include mathematics and spelling games, which are designed to enhance the learning process. With games such as Dora the Explorer: Dora’s Worldwide Rescue, children are taught geography by travelling to locations all over the world.
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