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- TV 12/26 Quite different from other MMORPG anime. Focuses nearly solely on dialogues, what I don't mind, but it would be better if these conversations led to something more memorable. Need to replenish my energy first...
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- TV 20/178 Feel-good idol anime #1. Completing this is a lifetime task thougb
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Clockwork Planet
- TV 6/12 I've also liked top look at cogwheels and their applications, and the first three episodes probably me with a nice setting to dive in. But after that, standard anime cliches start returning
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Dennou Coil
- TV 10/26 Well, I can't connect to the characters, and the quirky sci-fi elements, although interesting to watch, don't arouse any kind of thrilling story so far. Will continue in 0.46 years.
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Durarara!!x2 Shou
- TV 2/12 So many new characters... I'm curious to see where this is going to head eventually.
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Fastening Days
- ONA 3/5 What a unique super power, but why is it over so fast? The magic to become something more than just a random short is undeniably there! Unexpected new episodes almost two years later to keep it fresh at least
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Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
- TV 14/64 I prefer the start of the first adaptation. The pacing's way too fast to let me sympathise with most of the characters. Inferior to HxH, and in the end I have long since outgrown any interest in nearly all shounen stuff.
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Juuni Kokuki
- TV 6/45 Fantasy works without proper world building have never really been my thing. So far I'm struggling to get into this, although there's still hope.
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Kuma Miko Specials
- Special 1/2 Which bear needs hibernation in the anime world :DD
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Mokke Specials
- Special 1/2 The sister-sister interaction gets more interesting with each episode. And all the time protected by their kind grandfather
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Neon The Animation
- ONA 4/6 a form of advertisement in anime that never gets old
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Touhou Niji Sousaku Doujin Anime: Musou Kakyou Airing
5 OVA 2/- ONLY for fans of the franchise, but they get enough of what they have come for, and these characters can be so funny. ☆5☆
TV: 7, OVA: 1, Movies: 0, Spcl.: 2, Eps: 81, Days: 1.27, Mean Score: 5.0, Score Dev.: -2.15