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Aoi Sekai no Chuushin de
4 Special 3 ║G►, act, adven, fant, ecchi, parody, ║P►, revenge, ║C►, MM, TM, ║S►, fant(s), ║W/F►, magic, h2h, b&a, ║D►, shounen, ║R►, s2f
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7 TV 366 ║G►, act, com, SP, supernatural, ║P►, TS, training, ║C►, MM, TM, ║S►, AW, ║W/F►, sword, b&a, h2h, SP(w), ║D►, shounen, ║R►, PTR
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Gifuu Doudou!!: Kanetsugu to Keiji
7 TV 25 7.3, ║G►, act, histor, martial-a, samurai, military, ║P►, reminisce, war, ║C►, MM, AM, ║S►, past, japan, ║W/F►, b&a, sword, spear, animal, ║D►, seinen, ║R►, s2f
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Hellsing: The Dawn
5 Special 3 ║T►, short, ║G►, action, fant, supernat, samurai, ║P►, war, ║C►, MM, AM, ║S►, past, ║W/F►, b&a, sword, gun
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Houseki no Kuni
7 ONA 1 ║T►, short, CM, ║G►, act, fant, sci-fi, ║C►, FM, ║W/F►, sword, b&a
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Hunter x Hunter (2011)
8 TV 148 8.2, ║G►, act, adven, SP, ║P►, game, test, tournament, training, LH, ║C►, MM, ChM, ║S►, fant(s), ║W/F►, yo yo, sword, b&a, gun, unconvent, ║D►, shounen, ║R►, s2f
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Kenpuu Denki Berserk
8 TV 25 ║G►, act, adven, demon, drama, fant, horror, romance, supernat, military, ║P►, unk, revenge, ║C►, MM, AM, ║S►, fant(s), ║W/F►, sword, b&a, ║D►, seinen
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8 TV 38 7.7, ║G►, act, historical, military, ║P►, war, LH, ║C►, MM, TM, ║S►, china, past, ║W/F►, spear, sword, b&a, axe, ║D►, seinen, ║R►, s2f
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Kingdom 2nd Season
9 TV 39 9.0, ║G►, act, histor, military, ║P►, war, ║C►, MM, TM, ║S►, china, past, ║W/F►, spear, sword, b&a, axe, ║D►, seinen, ║R►, s2f
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Mirai Koushi Harima SACLA
5 ONA 1 ║T►, short, CM, ║G►, music, sci-fi, ║C►, FM, ║S►, space, ║W/F►, b&a
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Toukiden: The Age of Demons - Introduction
6 Special 1 ║T►, short, ║G►, action, demon, fant, ║P►, revenge, ║S►, fant(s), ║W/F►, sword, b&a, spear
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