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As a trainee of Santa Company, Noel White prepares for her test to become an official Tonttu, her assignment being "To find the most important thing for a Santa Claus." The deadline nears with an answer yet to be found, when a single letter from a child arrives late at the company. As the letter is about to be handled as a defect, Noel and friends set out on an adventure for the present - but will Noel find the answer to her assignment? Set a year after the events of the novel.

Movie - Oct 25, 2014
3,429 5.86
A sci-fi, eco-conscious fantasy about a 14-year-old heroine, Suzu, a descendant of a distinguished shaman who saved people from catastrophe in the past. Suzu sets out on a journey, along with the spirit of nature, Coluboccoro, to regain peace and nature to the ruined villages.  (Source:

OVA - ??? ??, 2007
1,579 5.70
Fin-tan, the popular twitter character of the Embassy of Finland in Tokyo, gets a new life as an anime hero in a novel promotion of the centennial of the Finnish independence in Japan.

ONA - Feb 27, 2017
187 5.43
Shorts about root vegetables from the refrigerator who try to act like superheroes.

TV - Jan 5, 2009, 18:55 (JST)
124 N/A