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The story is of a girl who is in a strange dimension, searching for the meaning of her love. This is portrayed with two girls (the two parts of her), one saying that love is something to take, while the other arguing that love is something to give. But instead of arguing with words, they are playing poker to see who the winner will become.

Music - Dec 7, 2011
2,139 7.10
Music video from DECO*27. "Miku Hatsune and Future Stars Project mirai" (SEGA) Main Theme Song

Music - Jan 12, 2012
1,332 6.27
Music video from DECO*27.

Music - Jul 27, 2011
1,231 6.46
Music video for the song "Oosouji" by DECO*27.

Music - Dec 27, 2013
633 5.51
Music video for DECO*27's song "Ai think so,".

Music - Sep 25, 2009
559 5.51