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After assassinating the son of business tycoon Leonard Dawson, Golgo 13 finds himself prey to the CIA and the U.S. Army, whom Dawson has personally hired to kill the assassin. As days pass by, Dawson slowly loses his sanity as he continues to plot every attempt to kill Golgo 13 even without caring about who hired the assassin to kill his son. (Source: ANN)

Movie - May 28, 1983
13,938 6.78
Master assassin Golgo 13 is hired by the advisor of presidential candidate Robert Hardy to assassinate "Queen Bee," the beautiful and deadly leader of a South American guerilla army. Golgo, however, finds this job too easy and digs further information to find out the true connection between Hardy and Queen Bee. (Source: ANN)

OVA - May 21, 1998
8,269 6.59
Based on a 1980 manga by Mikuriya Satomi, this adaptation differs considerably from the original. The story started in its prequel was completed with this second OVA.

OVA - Nov 21, 1985
3,140 3.08
Nora is on vacation in a "Holiday Inn" space station. When the artificial gravity fails, the whole space resort becomes chaotic but she helps solve the problem. (Source: ANN)

OVA - Jan 21, 1985
2,074 4.42
Stuffing an old bag full of contents from a safe, Cruz hops on his motorcycle and faces an uncertain future. (Source: AniDB)

OVA - Nov 18, 2001
1,577 5.78
To succeed to his father, Lid Kail sets out a journey to defeat the incarnation of the evil that seems to dominate the world. Longn and Mimau also began to journey to achieve his father’s will. On their way, Key and Bagda join them. They overcome some difficulties, and finally they met Vaii, the evil. They managed to beat Vaii, but it still doesn't solve their problem... (Source: Animenfo)

OVA - Jan 21, 1985
787 4.91
Based on the two books of career reminiscences by real-life Hanshin Tigers baseball star Takenori Emoto. Mix of live action and animation to tell humorous anecdotes from professional baseball (nine short tales in nine "innings"). (Source: AniDB)

Movie - Apr 29, 1983
202 N/A