The Village of Marchen

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The Village of Marchen (5)
A dark surreal film of several creatures metamorphorphing inside a room. A stop motion animation film from the minds of Kobayashi Masahide and Keita Funamoto of The Village of Marchen

ONA - ??? ??, 2005
2,167 3.21
Enter the strange fantasy world of Peter the wash bird. Come visit the leading paradise resort located somewhere in the southern hemisphere. The tropical ecosystem is unlike anything you've even seen before. Tourists enjoy traveling there in a special ark. When needed the resort offers laundry service on a very unique island.

ONA - ??? ??, 2003
589 4.29
A dark stop motion anime about a lone traveler in a desert who finds a solitary box. When he opens it, he finds a rundown and rather spooky city made up of large tower block apartments. Suddenly, a mysterious ghostly stick entity appears and seems to follow our hero. What is the purpose of this strange figure?

ONA - Apr 5, 2005
489 5.59
A gentle children’s story concerning the ceramic inhabitants of Rein Village. Fortune Malon has many visitors who come for advice which may or not be helpful. One night an elephant calf comes and visits Fortune Malon with a rather embarrassing predicament.

ONA - ??? ??, 2005
486 5.35
A praying mantis strays into the society of ants that is organized by a mechanical queen.

Movie - ??? ??, 1994
255 N/A