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Due to spacecraft failure earthlings Ryu with computer robot "MOS" landed on self-navigated planet Gdleen. There Ryu meets a cute Euradonian fairy Fana. At that time, the planet was in the midst of a dispute over a Gavana temple. Self proclaimed God Gavana captured Fana for a sacrifice. Would they be able to escape? And what the identity of Gavana?! (Source: Translated from

OVA - Mar 1, 1990
697 5.87
An anime based on characters from the strip mahjong arcade game "Super Real Mahjong 2".

OVA - Mar 25, 1990
355 5.86
Sequel of Super Real Mahjong. Mahjong-playing sisters Kasumi, Miki, and Shouko are sent to a world where mahjong tiles are currency. In order to return to their world, they must defeat a mahjong-playing rabbit who rules the land.

OVA - Dec 21, 1990
291 N/A