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A music video for Cosmos People's song "Jijii: Owari no Hajimari".

Music - Apr 18, 2014
159 5.30
A short music video for Yano Akiko & Yuki's song Banana ga Suki. It promotes the single's release in 2 weeks and the video was posted to Victor Entertainment's official YouTube channel.

Music - Oct 10, 2018
138 5.11
Saigo no Shudan's earliest work, it is a commercial for Adobe's Student and Teacher Edition software. Though it is unknown of Saigo no Shudan created it as an example for their portfolio or if Adobe actually paid for their animation services.

Special - Dec ??, 2009
105 5.44
Official music video for Yamamoto Seiichi's song Catalyst. The song features only instrumental music and was released on his album "Palm."

Music - Jan 6, 2016
88 5.17
Official music video for Evisbeats' song New Yoku featuring Chan-Mika. The song was included on their "Musuhi" album.

Music - May 21, 2018
77 N/A
An early work of Saigo no Shudan, this movie is collaboration with the artist to-kichi. The motif is "Nagasaki Kunchi" which is the most famous festival in Nagasaki, Japan.

ONA - Oct 9, 2012
74 N/A
Saigo no Shudan's advertisement movies for the 2014 Shibukaru Festival hosted by the Parco department store. A regular version and long version exist of the advertisement, though both share very little footage between each other.

ONA - Jun 23, 2014
74 N/A
A special web movie for the 2011 Autumn Tokyo Art Month. People could by tickets which granted them multi-access to various museums, fashion collections, and art fairs. The event ran for the entire month of November.

ONA - Oct ??, 2011
71 N/A
Official music videos for Nishinakajima Kinako's 1st album "Mizu no Naka no Suisougaku." This includes the song Instant and QB House, the music videos aired on Space Shower TV.

Music - Nov 2, 2016
65 N/A
A bizarre early work by Saigo no Shudan. They used children's toy instruments to create the kitschy soundtrack. "Kanabun" is the Japanese colloquial name for a drone beetle (Pseudotorynorrhina japonica) which is in the scarab family.

ONA - May 4, 2011
64 N/A
Official music video for Panpan no Tou's song Ongaku wa Tomatta.

Music - Jan 6, 2013
64 N/A
Official music video for Her Ghost Friend's song Houkago no Thesaurus.

Music - Nov 15, 2011
60 N/A
Nanao Tabito's song Kensaku Shounen held a music video contest. Where anyone could create a music video and submit it for prize money. Saigo no Shudan competed with an entirely animated piece and won the grand prize.

Music - Aug ??, 2010
59 N/A
Official music video for Yakenohara's song Relaxin'.

Music - Oct 2, 2013
59 N/A