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The "hyper black comedy" anime takes place in Nyagoya City, a trendy town where cats live. In this peaceful town, many of the cats are suddenly disappearing. The NEET cat Takumi must save his father, who is wrapped up in the incident. The anime will feature the characters speaking in Nagoya dialect, and will feature famous sightseeing spots such as Nagoya Castle. (Source: ANN)

Movie - Nov 30, 2018
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A music video collaboration between the band BUCK-TICK and the HAL College of Technology and Design. This project was done under the cooperation of the Victor Entertainment record label. Students were divided into teams and chose one song from the "No. 0" album released this past March to animate segments of. The top 3 works were posted to Victor Entertainment's official YouTube channel (Babel, Guernica no Yoru, and Hikari no Teikoku) and a ~10 min long video compilation of the rest were posted to HAL's official YouTube channel. The music videos are directed by Yuuichirou Iwaki, a HAL alumni who is the president of studio Speed Inc.

Music - Oct 25, 2018
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