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An adult comedy series about a film crew of banana men who work for a television station. In order to boost ratings they have to follow the absurd requests of the boss.

TV - Apr 6, 2018, 21:54 (JST)
1,319 6.18
After the TV station gets acquired by "Nanazon Prime Video," departments that don't get high ratings will be restructured (aka fired). The shooting crew takes on a large-scale plan for their survival. The Banakawa Family was an extremely wealthy family in the Edo period but their gold was hidden somewhere in a cave (that even the surviving members of the Banakawa Family can't find). So the crew's program will feature them exploring the underground world in search of this hidden treasure that so far major TV station networks with big budgets could not find.

TV - Apr 11, 2019, 07:30 (JST)
1,026 6.12
Third season of TV Yarou Nanaana.

TV - Apr 16, 2020, 19:53 (JST)
958 6.00
The citizens of Turkey's Hill model a bizzare American-esque town and engage in non-sequitur behavior. (Source: ANN)

TV - Jan 7, 2005, 22:45 (JST)
741 6.40
Commercial web animation made for Nissan Note. Despite being a commercial, the content is highly independent, starting with a little girl keep asking everyone what is "Teinenpi", a kanji word meaning low fuel cost. It features a parody of the classic anime "Heidi" in 1974 but directed by Mr. Fumihara Satoshi, the director of the gag anime "The World of Golden Eggs". It also features Mr. Koumoto Junichi playing multiple roles including: Heidi's Grandpa, Peter, Kurara and the sheep! (Source:

ONA - May ??, 2009
546 5.82
Animated TV commercials for the Nissan Note as part of the Teinenpi Shoujo Heidi sales promotion parody series. The commercials feature unique animation not used in the web commercials.

Special - May 25, 2009
268 5.52
The Planet of Stray Cats, the "grown-up" CG gag comedy anime from studio Plus Heads collaboration with the "Mad Max: Fury Road" film. The film's director George Miller himself approved this collaborative short. The anime features the nonsensical, surreal conversations of stray cats on a planet. The only voice cast member, named Monica, ad-libs the dialogue of all the characters.

OVA - Nov 11, 2015
93 N/A
Animated TV commercials for the Nissan Note featuring the cast from The World of Golden Eggs. The commercials were also released on a limited number of DVDs that were given away to test drivers of the Note.

Special - Jan 16, 2008
76 N/A