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Nexon recently announced an anime called Elsword: El Lady and will be done by DR Movie and written by NZ. Nothing else has been announced.

ONA - Dec 10, 2016
19,596 6.19
This was the Secret Video that was shown in Anime premiere event. It tells the story of, Ain, a secretive timekeeper during the events of Elsword: El-ui Yeoin's first episode. (Source: 2nafish)

ONA - Dec 12, 2016
2,399 6.20
A girl named Kim chases a group of thieves called the Black Hammer Gang. Until one day the Black Hammer gang and Kim fall on an island inhabited by fairies and it's guardian Michel. The Black Hammer Gang tries to steal the life source of the island called the tree of life. Causing damage to the land and kidnapping the fairies, Michel and Kim have to combat the Black Hammer gang and take back the fairies. (Source: ANN)

TV - Jun 6, 2003
556 6.45