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Not wanting to lose, Yi-rang orchestrates a collapse in the middle of a relay race even though she's on the verge of giving up her dream of becoming an athlete. At the same time, Soo-min transfers in from Seoul and Cheol-soo, who dreams of becoming a scientist, come into her life. They are all immature but they are in the midst of youthful aspiration. With this warm-hearted animation, Han Hye-jin-I and Ahn Jae-hoon encourage Yi-rang's dreams and portray the fantasy and flutter of adolescence through encounters with good people. Set in the '80s and '90s, an old umbrella and a railroad crossing the downtown in the film is the stuff that reminds us of our lost past, evoking a reminiscence in the audience of that which is vanished. It is a way of evoking the real "dreams" that we have lost in this modern society where a rapid capitalization is progressing. (Source: Hancinema)

Movie - Jun 16, 2011
1,617 6.52
When hit KBS drama I'm Sorry, I Love You aired in 2004, it recorded high TV ratings, won the acclaim of critics, and quickly became one of the flagbearers of the Korean Wave. The tragic love story of Mu Hyeok (So Ji Sub of What Happened in Bali) and Eun Chae (Yim Soo Jung of Lump Sugar and I'm a Cyborg, But That's OK) made stars out of its leads and attracted an enormous fanbase throughout Asia. Two years later, G&G Entertainment released a 35-minute animated version of the drama, Between of One Year, consisting of highlights from the drama and new scenes dealing with the final moments of Eun Chae and Mu Hyeok's relationship. The script was supervised by the writer of the original live-action drama, Lee Kyung Hee.

Movie - Jun 2, 2008
1,545 6.02
Episode 1: "When the Buckwheat Flowers Bloom" Heo Saeng-won is an ageing market vendor. He has been a peddler all his life. After a long day at the marketplace in Bongpyeong village, he follows his fellow peddler Jo Seon-dal into an inn where he meets a young itinerant vendor, Dong-i. As the three accompany each other under the moonlight along the buckwheat flowers, Heo Saeng-won realizes he has a special bond with Dong-i. Episode 2: "Spring Spring" I toil on the field day and night as a servant for a man who has promised to give his daughter's hand to me in return for my labor. The man, however, keeps putting off the wedding, saying that his daughter is not growing fast enough. One day, out of fury, I call the man to the ultimate match. Episode 3 "A Lucky Day" Kim, who earns his living by driving a rickshaw, gets out on the street again, even after hearing from his wife that she is seriously ill. Kim then gets to drive an unusually large number of customers that day, and begins to suspect something hideous may lie ahead of his sudden good fortune. At the end of the long and hard day, Kim returns home, with an inexplicable sense of fear weighing down on his heart. (Source: IndieStory)

Movie - Aug 21, 2014
315 N/A