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In 3131, the goats lived on Qingqing Field happily, and the Grey Wolf lived in the castle with his wife named Red Wolf beyond the Qingqing Field. Every time when Grey Wolf appeared on the Qingqing Field, and was going to catch the goats, all the goats would work together and chucked the wolf out of Qingqing Field. PGBBW is a classic story line of a village of happy-go-lucky goats and their not-so-friendly wolf neighbors. Each episode explores the wolf’s latest scheme to catch himself goat for dinner. Despite his attempts, the goats in the village always seem to outsmart the wolf—all while creating a funny and adventurous plot line.

Movie - Jan 16, 2009
282 5.78
The hectic daily life of a group of goats living on the Green Pasture, or Qing Qing Grassland (青青草原), and the clumsy wolf who wants to eat them.

TV - ??? ??, 2005
253 6.29
Crafty Gecko and General Tiger attack the Goat Village with plans to build an amusement park. Even worse, they intend to turn the castle of Wolfie (Grey Wolf) and his wife, Wolnie (Red Wolf) into a public toilet! To save their captured families from the fierce animal gang and robot soldiers, Weslie (Pleasant Goat) and Wolfie must work together to find the legendary statues that protected their ancestors. Can they beat the villains and become friends? (Source: Wikipedia)

Movie - Jan 29, 2010
253 5.80
The spring festival is around corner, but Mr. wolf doesn't feel happy at all. Mrs. Wolf is going to have baby, but Mr. Wolf can't catch any sheep. What is more, their castle is torn down making them homeless. Mr. Wolf needs to fight back. In the mean time, a sheep from the moon returns and tells the other sheep the secret of the sugar moon. The sheep go to the moon but are followed by wolfs. They are going to have war on the moon. Filled with different sorts of yummy candies, Moon used to be a paradise for those with a sweet tooth. It's also the residence of the Moon fairy and her magical rabbit. But one day the Lord of Bitterness invades Moon with the intention of making their happy life miserable. The rabbit escapes to Earth and seeks help from Pleasant Goat, who then leads a ragtag group of rescuers - including his nemesis Big Big Wolf - to restore peace on Moon. (Source: YesAsia & China Image Film Festival)

Movie - Jan 21, 2011
206 6.07
It is said that there is a thousands years old treasure that must be found before it fall into the wrong hands, and the Dragon flute which only the real descendant of the dragon can open the door of the treasure. It's a race against time and full onslaught of enemies to stop the heroes from there quest. (Source: AniDB)

Movie - Jan 12, 2012
205 N/A