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The anime centers around Kurumi Azuchimomoyama, a normal 14-year-old girl who attends Egaogaoka Middle School. One day, an angel named "Devilun" that looks like a Tasmanian devil appears before her, and grants her the power to be the beautiful magical girl dinosaur angel warrior "Prima Angel," and tells her to fight the evil "Darkness Whales" organization. She proceeds to indiscriminately take out Darkness Whales members with weapons that stink of blood. The protagonists are three boy classmates of Kurumi who watch the entire thing while not really doing anything. (Source: ANN)

ONA - Jul 29, 2017
339 N/A
Ponkotsuland Saga is a collaboration between Ponkotsu Quest and Vinland Saga.

ONA - Oct 23, 2015
246 5.02
Rodeo is a normal high school boy who aims to be like GRANRODEO. Gra-P, a self-proclaimed music producer who comes from the future, tries to help him.

TV - Oct 19, 2014
212 N/A
2nd Season of Gra-P & Rodeo.

TV - Jul 1, 2016, 21:55 (JST)
211 N/A
A long, long time ago, there was a prestigious school called "Ryuuguu Elementary School" that produced many masterpiece characters. One day, an ordinary boy named Meisaku Matsuda enrolled at the school. Little did he know that the place for learning was filled with crazy characters like Sweets, the energetic idiot; Musubi, a rice ball who gets angry when called "onigiri"; Nokio, a narcissistic self-proclaimed robot; and Bolt, who's clearly faster than a rabbit. Surrounded by such unique characters, will Meisaku be able to graduate as a splendid masterpiece character? (Source: Anime News Network)

TV - Apr 8, 2016, 18:20 (JST)
202 N/A
- 4-koma manga add
Included in the Ciao Ciao TV bonus DVD that bundled with the August issue of the Ciao magazine. (Source: AniDB)

OVA - Jul 3, 2014
159 N/A
OVA adaptation of the same name shoujo manga. Bundled with the November issue of the Ciao magazine.

OVA - Sep 30, 2014
128 N/A
A collaboration between Aware! Meisaku-kun and Meiji, promoting Meiji's new mozzarella string cheese.

Special - Mar 1, 2017
105 N/A
Ponkotsu Quest web specials are not a part of the original series' episode count. They contain original footage and dialogue. Most of the DVD announcement specials are excluded from this entry due to no new footage.

ONA - Mar 13, 2014
91 N/A
An unique episode of Aware! Meisaku-kun where the characters break the 4th wall to promote the 2 DVD releases of their own show. They have new animation and new dialogue to accompany the highlights of the DVD release such as bloopers and sticker sheets.

ONA - May 5, 2017
75 N/A