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The 365 days animation consists of sequence of 8760 pictures, all different shape and color, hand-drawn by the director every day in 365 days. This is the ultimate analog approach by the abstract animated film creator in digital era. (Source: IMDb)

Movie - Feb 8, 2014
1,063 6.23
A huge pig is lying down in front of a house. Father, mother, grandmother, six children and a dog live in the house. Everyone is aware of the huge pig, and the pig is aware of the family. But nobody knows how and what the other think. The mother doesn't understand the father… It depends what you imagine when you hear about normal family life. (Source: Fresh Film Fest Website)

Movie - ??? ??, 2010
490 4.71
A haptic animation with comfortable noses. (Source: Official site)

Movie - ??? ??, 2005
364 4.63
Japan has 47 prefectures and each one has a guardian spirit called a Dochamon. Dochamon Junior follows guardian spirits in training to one day take over the jobs of their elders. But these juniors have a lot of growing up to do before they graduate!

TV - Oct 5, 2015, 18:45 (JST)
151 N/A
The second season of Dochamon Junior.

TV - Oct 10, 2016
115 N/A