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A young man moves to the new place. He gradually makes a good relationship with neighbors that live in the same apartment. (Source:

ONA - May ??, 2004
1,089 5.54
- Original add
A young man tries to get a cold drink on an extremely hot day.

ONA - ??? ??, 2005
937 5.18
A lazy cat sits comfortably under the "kotatsu", a low table with a heater used in Japan to keep warm during winter. What will he do when he realizes the remote control of his TV is out of reach?

ONA - Feb ??, 2005
920 5.85
Cat lovers by cat-lover, love for cats, which are animated omnibus CM and assortment of fictional programs.

ONA - Dec 9, 2008
792 5.41
A NHK shogi tournament parody. ''55 AJN Trophy TV Shoji Tournamant'' Mr.Yamada versus Mr.Roboco.

ONA - Oct 5, 2008
673 5.10
A man with his cat finds himself in a bizarre situation involving a television. A stop motion animation from the creator of Kotatsu Neko.

ONA - ??? ??, 2004
495 5.56
A boy saves a strange, space-manipulating creature from certain death, but she doesn't seem to be grateful!

ONA - Dec ??, 2012
282 5.59