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Boku, Otary-man (otaku + salaryman) is a autobiographical manga of the author Yoshitani, who is also working as a system engineer. It's about a slice of life of an office worker, who is a little bit otaku.

OVA - Jan 29, 2010
3,647 6.21
A violent, trouble-making kabuki player joins a traveling monk, who happens to be have been transformed into a monkey by a curse, on a colorful journey west to ancient southern Asia. (Source: Animesonfire)

OVA - Jun 12, 2009
279 N/A
(No synopsis yet.)

OVA - Feb 13, 2009
152 N/A
An animated training DVD, where your attractive boyfriend teaches you about exercising and eating healthy.

OVA - Apr 18, 2014
139 N/A
Based on the same name gag yonkoma manga by Tenho Iwatani.

OVA - Mar 21, 2013
116 N/A