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Talent recruitment video for OPT Ltd., an e-marketing research company. The theme song was sung by Handsome Kenya.

ONA - Feb 2, 2012
118 5.99
(No synopsis yet.)

Movie - Sep 23, 1994
118 N/A
TV commercials for Shin Biofermin S, a lactic acid bacteria probiotic supplement manufactured by Biofermin Pharmaceutical. The first commercial explains how the supplement improves intestinal flora and the mechanisms behind it.

Special - Dec 22, 2016
118 N/A
Based on Seino Tooru's nonfiction gourmet essay manga.

ONA - Sep 4, 2017
117 N/A
An amusing 3-minute clay animation that Yuuichi Itou (Harbor Tale, Knyacki!) produced for "The Earth and Children of Tomorrow - Pray for Happiness" campaign by TVK (Television Kanagawa). Doron Coron comes to life after a child angel tinkles off a cloud. This unusual heavenly elixir rains down onto a dark city street and brings to life the titular boy character made of dirt who rolls off to explore the city. He has a pleasant interaction with a worm, and a not so pleasant interaction with bird excrement, but is cheered by the growth of a plant on his head. The plant grows and grows and Doron Coron heads to the countryside where he enjoys pleasant interactions with the natural world. (Source: Nishikata Film Review)

Movie - ??? ??, 2012
116 N/A
A collaboration between Kamiusagi Rope and Nagano City Gas. The individual episodes were shown for 1 week on Nagano Broadcasting Systems official YouTube channel and website. Then later on the following Mezamashi Doyoubi (Saturday) broadcast. The goal was to inform people that Nagano City Gas' office has a wide variety of services such as a showroom showcasing remodeled gas kitchens, how to make sure you aren't losing money from bathroom heating, etc.

ONA - Jun 3, 2018
116 N/A
An official music video for the musician Hiwa. It was also shown later at the 2015 Kyoto International Art and Film Festival.

Music - Sep 5, 2015
115 5.61
A collaboration between Ukkari Pénélope and Marukome for the latter's new product line of amazake, a drink made from fermented rice. Plus Kouji is based on a kouji mold (Aspergillus oryzae) enzyme which allows Marukome's product to contain 0% alcohol and be sugar-free so it is perfectly healthy for pregnant women, babies, and the eldery to drink while keeping the same taste as traditional amazake (which is normally sweet and mildly alcoholic).

Special - Aug 28, 2017
115 N/A
Kawaijuku Manavis, a cram school, commissioned commercial staring their first mascot, Manabear.

ONA - Apr 20, 2016
114 N/A
Short children's anime depicting Neko-kun, Nyaago, Usagi-kun, Kuma-kun, and other forest animals in their daily lives. It originally aired as a part of the early morning children's program Hirake! Ponkikki before the anime was combined and released on VHS.

TV - ??? ??, 1992
114 N/A
A music video for the song Asa wo Kitan by Shounen Shoujo Gasshoudan Mizuumi that was featured on NHK's Minna no Uta program.

Music - Apr 6, 1982
113 5.31
Two additional Zannen na Ikimono Jiten episodes that will be televised 7 months after the original TV series. They will focus on manatees and chipmunks.

Special - Mar 28, 2019
113 N/A
Near the end of the 19th century, a young boy loses his father and has to move from a comfortable city to a poor village in Saitama. There, living with his mother, elder sister, and a dog, he learns valuable lessons about what's truly important in life.

Movie - May 22, 2005
112 N/A
Butazuka (Pig Mound) was born after TEI took part in designing toys for Sony Creative Products in 2003 for their virtual animation series, Vanimal Zoo. In 2005, its 3D animation was broadcast by Yahoo! JAPAN. In December that same year, a Butazuka DVD featuring 13 stories was released by VAP. (Source: Okosama-Star Inc.)

ONA - ??? ??, 2005
111 N/A
An anime adaptation of a shoujo manga of the same name. The story follow Nori P-chan's everyday live and the antics she gets in with her friends.

OVA - Dec 25, 1989
111 N/A
A Kiryu & Ashikaga heritage tourism promotion anime. Kiryu is located in the Gunma prefecture, Ashikaga is located in the Tochigi prefecture. The two cities are side-by-side (only a 30 minute car ride away) and share similar heritages. Each episode focuses on 1 season about the people (hito) and time (toki) of Kiryu and Ashikaga.

ONA - Mar 19, 2019
110 N/A
Kao Japan is a chemical and cosmetics company. They have commissioned Yoshiharu Satou to create an animated short about parents and adult children to promote their strong deodorizing products.

ONA - ??? ??, 2017
110 6.20
A korean movie from 1996.

Movie - ??? ??, 1996
109 N/A
A randoseru/ransel is packed with 6 years of memories. Follow as a young man reminisces about his elementary school days.

Music - Feb 2, 2017
109 N/A
An educational film about the merits of volunteer work. A group of children help achieve a grandmother's dream of learning how to read and write.

OVA - ??? ??, 1993
107 N/A
New Cocotama series, to be streamed on YouTube channel.

ONA - Sep 26, 2019
107 N/A
Norasco episodes released only on 3 of the 4 Norasco DVDs. DVD 1: Tanjoubi-hen. A special included meant to promote the 7th Down Town Taito International Comedy Film Festival. This was the 16th and final episode in the disc. DVD 3: Naiken. Where Kotarou helps get his friend get an apartment. This was the 3rd episode on the DVD. Taxi. Kotarou hangs out with a taxi driver when an old woman gets in. This was the 12th episode on the DVD. DVD 4: Nushi. The boys go fishing. This was the 3rd episode on the DVD. Hiyashi Chuuka. Kotarou visits a noodle shop. This was the 10th episode on the DVD. Kendama. The boys play with a kendama. This was the 13th episode on the DVD.

Special - Dec 10, 2014
107 N/A
An educational film about empowering children to take action when they are bullied. Do not be afraid to immediately tell the teacher and your parents.

OVA - ??? ??, 2007
104 N/A
A story of childhood friends growing up.

Special - Sep 7, 2005
104 N/A
A Tekken short commissioned by Hoken Ichiba, a insurance marketplace company. It focuses on a father and son as the son tries to realize the oath he gave his father.

ONA - Aug 18, 2019
103 N/A
The Asian small-clawed otter "fairy baby" character debuted on December 15, 2017. The "eternally 0-year-old" character has no gender, and they wear the turtle character Kame-chan on their head. The mascot character is based on a real-world female pet otter of the same name, who gained a social media following big enough to become the honorary tourism ambassador of the city of Susaki, Kochi. (Source: ANN)

TV - ??? ??, ????, 07:30 (JST)
103 N/A
(No synopsis yet.)

TV - ??? ??, 2014
102 N/A
Everyone is brand new (shinmai) at the beginning of their job. The story follows new rice (shinmai) grains in their jobs.

Special - Apr 15, 2008
102 N/A
Sixth season of the Washimo series.

TV - Apr 2, 2018
102 N/A
An educational film about the discrimination of ethnic Koreans in the Osaka Prefecture.

OVA - ??? ??, 1996
101 N/A
This five-minute video tells the simple tale of a young woman imagining her normal life being a bit more extraordinary. (Source: ANN)

ONA - Oct 27, 2015
101 6.20
(No synopsis yet.)

Special - ??? ??, ????
101 N/A
(No synopsis yet.)

Movie - ??? ??, 1994
99 N/A
A variety talk show done through CGI animation of Funassyi (mascot character of the Tokyo suburb Funabashi) and Soutai-kun (mascot hero/disaster prevention character of the Tokyo ward Nerima).

ONA - May 12, 2013
99 N/A
(No synopsis yet.)

ONA - Mar 27, 2018
99 N/A
Music video for the single Mizuiro no One-Piece by Japanese singer-songwriter Yasuha that was featured on NHK's Minna no Uta program. The video features a blend of live-action scenery and animation by Kouji Nanke.

Music - Aug ??, 1982
98 N/A
The 4-koma manga Gori Papa Ikka serialized in Nihon Nougyou Shinbun (The Japan Agricultural News) reached its 10,000th serialization on May 1, 2017. A short web animation was made in honor of it as well as in honor of the magazine's 90th anniversary.

ONA - Aug 23, 2017
97 N/A
In preparation for a large-scale disaster occurring in the Tokyo metropolitan area, we used the visually appealing and memorable medium of anime to make a "disaster prevention educational video" with the objective of conveying easy-to-understand disaster-prevention knowledge to foreign residents of Japan. In the four languages of Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean, the video teaches knowledge such as what be cautious of in the event of an earthquake, what to prepare in advance for an earthquake, and what to do if an earthquake occurs while at work or away from home. We hope that the video will be useful in raising disaster-prevention awareness, and in preparing for a disaster. (Source: Tokyo International Communication Committee)

ONA - Apr ??, 2014
96 N/A
Animated commercials for Minimini, a real estate company that specializes in apartments some of which require no deposits and short term leases including fully furnished rooms. They are usually small units/studios made to be affordable for university students or adults recently joining the workforce.

Special - Sep ??, 2011
96 N/A
Seven mouse children and their normal lives. Episode 1 follows mother mouse's struggle to keep her children happy by playing ressha gokko only for them to run into danger with a snake. Episode 2 follows father mouse as receives a letter from a friend asking to help out in the forest, the whole family decides to go but the children tire easily from the activities. Episode 3 is set in winter, the children help their mother with her errands.

OVA - Oct 21, 1994
96 N/A
Animal Village has built some roads with a lot of cars running through. In order to keep everyone safe, traffic rules were put into place.

Movie - ??? ??, 1969
94 N/A
Taisho Pharmaceutical commissioned commercials for their new Benpiyaku Colace anti-constipation medicine. It features an intestinal-stressed struggling doe as she encounters other animals who can easily "go".

ONA - Jul 31, 2014
92 N/A
One summer day, Rintarou accidentally breaks a Japanese maple leaf fossil treasured by his father. Feeling guilty, he cannot bring himself to tell his father. While at the riverbank looking for fossils, Rintarou meets a boy named Toshi, and their days of adventure begins. The film was made by Touko Yatabe for her graduate project at Musashino Art University.

Movie - Jan 16, 2014
92 N/A
A stinky, sweet, and sour story of a clumsy Wakaba and a human chicken.

Special - Jul 5, 2006
92 N/A
Green Co-Op's commercials created by Yoshiharu Satou.

Special - Dec 15, 2017
91 N/A
A collaboration between the Kamiusagi Rope franchise and the real estate company Ricordi.

ONA - Apr 26, 2019
88 N/A
A music video created for the Sophie brand of Unicharm Co., Ltd. which manufacturers feminine hygiene products. The video features a song completely in English with Japanese subtitles. As stated by the company president, Takahisa Takahara, is that women spend 6 yrs and 9 months menstruating their entire lives. With advancing gender roles and longer lifespans, more women are staying in the work place and having more periods. Mensuration causes hormonal mood swings like that of a cranky edgy prickly hedgehog, starving craving hungry black bear, fragile crying [bloated] elephant, and reclusive lonely lion. These are normal changes and the women are still themselves. It promotes body positivity and how women shouldn't be brushed off in the work place if they are having an effect from a biological function that they have to go through for 6 yrs and 9 months.

Music - Aug 17, 2015
86 N/A
Animated commercials for Kyushu Love Milk Club, a Kyushu raw milk sales agricultural cooperative federation, that connects small time dairy farmers into a collective to sell their region brand of milk.

Special - ??? ??, 2006
85 N/A
(No synopsis yet.)

TV - Nov 30, 2016
85 N/A
A collection of seven short films by Kunio Katou that were screened together at various art exhibitions in Japan.

Movie - Feb 10, 2012
84 N/A
Enlightenment anime produced to have young people have an interest in blood donation.

ONA - Mar 28, 2019
84 N/A
A music video for the song Daruma-san ga Koronda by Kozue Saitou that was featured on NHK's Minna no Uta program.

Music - Aug 1, 1978
83 N/A
(No synopsis yet.)

ONA - Apr 5, 2014
81 N/A
The 4th season of Ukkari Pénélope.

TV - Oct 4, 2017, 17:20 (JST)
81 N/A
Short film by Amika Kubo and Seita Inoue, creatively animating a conversation between three people as they talk about traveling.

Movie - Oct ??, 2006
78 N/A
Flash anime bundled with the October 2008 issue of Manga Club Original.

OVA - Aug 19, 2008
77 N/A
Promotional anime for the studio G-angle.

ONA - Apr 19, 2017
73 N/A
(No synopsis yet.)

Movie - Jan 28, 1998
73 N/A
Music video for the song Haru Natsu by Ayumi Shigemori that was featured on NHK's Minna no Uta program. It features a blend of live-action scenery and animation by Kouji Nanke.

Music - Jun 1, 2000
67 N/A
The second season of animated commercials produced by Karrimor Japan to promote their Mountain Club line of hiking rucksacks and explain their various features. In this season, we follow Camilo's sister Caroline, as she ventures into the great outdoors with the help of Dr. Bird.

ONA - Apr 14, 2019
66 N/A
Two Kobo-chan televised specials that aired before the TV anime was created the follow year.

Special - Sep 15, 1990
61 N/A
Seventh season of the Washimo series.

TV - Apr 1, 2019
61 N/A
Music video for the song Kaze to Tomoni by Japanese rock band Elephant Kashimashi that was featured on NHK's Minna no Uta program. Tthe song was released as the title track for the band's 49th single on July 26, 2017, which included a DVD with the music video. It was animated by Kunio Katou.

Music - Jun 1, 2017
60 N/A
(No synopsis yet.)

Movie - ??? ??, 2007
60 N/A
Music video for the song Anata no Koe by Mone Kamishiraishi, that was featured on NHK's Minna no Uta program. The song was released as a single two days later. The video was animated by Ryouzou Oominato.

Music - Oct 2, 2017
59 N/A
Two Kobo-chan televised specials that aired after the TV anime's serialization. The 1st special is composed of 4 short stories. The 2nd special received some interrupted broadcasts in some parts of Japan due to an earthquake near the Miyagi Prefecture.

Special - Sep 15, 1994
58 N/A
Music video directed by Saki Iyori for their single Takaramono by Japanese rock band FLOWER FLOWER.

Music - Sep 14, 2016
56 N/A
A collaboration between Taisho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.'s Kobara Support product and Kamiusagi Rope. Kobara Support is a fruit flavored drink for those with an upset stomach, dieting, or ill. These people would have difficulty eating normal foods so when Kobara Support is drunk on an empty stomach (which is high in acid), a chemical reaction occurs where the stomach acid and the pectin fiber to become carbonated foam. This expands and doubles in volume while turning into jelly. For the drinker, their stomach becomes physically full thus shutting off the hunger receptors letting continue their day without stomach pains.

ONA - Jul 16, 2019
55 N/A
A televised Japanese McDonald's commercial for their upgraded Gracoro Burgers. Gracoro is short for [potato] gratin and croquette/korokke. The patty is a gratin croquette filled with macaroni and seafood. This year the Gracoro Burgers are now thicker (with more filling) and a beef demi-glace cheese topped version is also available for this winter only.

Special - Dec 4, 2019
53 N/A
Music video for the song Megane by Yuu Inoue that was featured on NHK's Minna no Uta program. It was released as a single the following month. The video was animated by Kumiko Kitayama.

Music - Apr 1, 2016
53 N/A
A music video for the song Dakara Boku wa Ongaku wo Yameta by Yorushika.

Music - May 4, 2019
50 N/A
(No synopsis yet.)

Movie - ??? ??, 2007
49 N/A
(No synopsis yet.)

Movie - Apr 26, 2019
49 N/A
(No synopsis yet.)

Music - Dec 4, 2013
48 N/A
Music video for the song Melon no Kirime by Fumie Hosokawa that was featured on NHK's Minna no Uta program. The video was animated by Yuuji Moriyama.

Music - Aug 1, 1993
47 N/A
Music video for the song Tabibito no You ni by Takao Horiuchi that was featured on NHK's Minna no Uta program. The video was animated by Kouji Nanke.

Music - Apr 5, 1989
47 N/A
About a girl who loves cute things so much that her daily routine is finding them.

TV - Jan 7, 2020, 07:30 (JST)
39 N/A
A music video for the song Kumo to Yuurei by Yorushika.

Music - Aug 13, 2018
34 N/A
An animated short commissioned by Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation (SMBC) for their web campaign "Otona ni Naru tte Nandarou?" (When do you become an adult?), where they ask individuals to tweet the moment they realized they were an adult. The responses of men and women of various ages were anonymously shared on the campaign's webpage. In the video, a mother and her adult daughter dine at a restaurant. After their meal, the daughter uses her card to pay for the bill, an act which her mother, who was about to pay herself, notices as her daughter stepping into adulthood.

ONA - Feb 28, 2017
31 N/A
Shorts that aired within "Fight Tension☆Depart," a variety program that originally aired the anime as one of its segments. A blonde Russian woman named Olga gives Russian language hints and comedic cultural tips.

TV - Jan 15, 2007
21 N/A
The 2018 LINE sticker set Poccolies is inspiring a series of anime shorts. The story of the sticker set is that a positive and honest boy named Patsuhiko lives on Pokkori Island, along with the shrewd and mysterious Ham, and a reliable older brother figure named Kangaroo. The sticker set follows their daily lives. (Source: ANN)

TV - Apr ??, 2020
21 N/A
Tourism promotional videos for the Fukushima Prefecture. It features an Akabeko (a legendary red cow from the Aizu region, and mascot of the Fukushima Prefecture) spouting a 6-second fact about the area in a pun-rhyming-poem style. At the start of every year new batches of episodes are released on the official YouTube channel of Fukushima Prefecture. In 2019, 25 eps were released and for 2020, 59 eps were released.

ONA - Feb 18, 2019
19 N/A
Demetrios, a timid and kind vase painter in Ancient Greece who dislikes sports and competitions, is one day forced to come up with a game to compete with the mayor of the neighboring town in order to save his village. While hiding inside a large vase outside his workshop, lightning strikes the vase Demetrios is in, transferring him to Tokyo, Japan, during the 1964 Summer Olympics. (Source: MU)

TV - Apr ??, 2020
0 N/A