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An OVA produced to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Watase Seizou's Heart Cocktail manga. (Source: AniDB)

OVA - Oct 22, 2003
195 N/A
In this adaptation of a manga by Fumi Shibama, itself a retelling of a 1972 manga by Kazuo Kamimura (the original Age of Cohabitation whose existence is implied by the "new" in this title), Honda has been living with Eri for two years and debates whether or not he should ask her to marry him. (Source: The Anime Encyclopedia)

OVA - Jul 3, 1992
195 N/A
It's all gags and fighting as gangster Tsunematsu Narita (the "biggest idiot in Yokohama") causes havoc in the neighborhood with his two henchmen. Based on the Shonen Champion manga by Tetsu Kusumoto. (Source: The Anime Encyclopedia)

OVA - Dec 17, 1993
195 N/A
A two-part TV special focusing on the romance between the dogs.

Special - Mar 20, 2012
193 N/A
The 2nd arc of the Chiyotarou Kodomo Gekijou program that aired on TBS. Every episode is a different Aesop fable told with shadow puppet animation.

TV - ??? ??, 1978
193 N/A
An OVA with five short episodes from Seizou Watase's romantic manga: "Building Without Tide" "Brother and Sister" "Sometimes I'm Happy" "I've Saved the Sidecar for You" "The Santa Quartet"

OVA - Oct 5, 1988
192 N/A
The second season of The Young Imperial Guards.

ONA - Sep 18, 2017
188 N/A
Willingness to atone for one's sins by life in prison.

Music - Jun 10, 2014
187 6.15
These are six loosely-related anime/live-action music videos from the band Hi-Fi Set. For the most part, they form a story about the love life of two cute dragons who live in a high-tech future city. This disc was released in 1985, right in the middle of Hi-Fi Set's career (1974-1994), and features songs from that era (from their 1984 and 1985 albums Pasadena Park and Indigo). (Source: Piyo-Piyo Productions)

Music - Feb ??, 1985
186 6.18
The special is confined to the wedding of Prince Akishino with his chosen Kiko Kawashima.

Special - Jun 29, 1990
173 N/A
A collection of high school love stories, each chapter featuring a different student. For example, Hiro has a crush on a cute upperclassman girl, but she has rejected his advances 15 times! Will Hiro be able to find a way into her heart? His friend Akechi keeps a notebook of information on all the girls at school, but when he goes after the secrets of an incredibly quiet and shy girl, will his interest become more than professional curiosity? (Source: MangaHelpers)

ONA - Sep 7, 2018
173 N/A
Anime made by Tezuka Productions.

Movie - Jun 29, 1995
166 N/A
A promotional animation for mint candies.

Special - May ??, 2018
159 N/A
Anime adaptation of the "Otoko wa Tsurai yo (It's tough being a man)" film series by Youji Yamada. Kuruma Torajirou (or Tora-san), a traveling salesman whose sole possessions include only the contents of a small suitcase, the clothes on his back and some pocket money, wanders from town to town peddling his wares. (Source: Wikipedia)

Special - Aug 7, 1998
156 N/A
An educational film about love and respect. Tamiko (17) and Masao (15) are cousins. They grew up together as siblings but in adulthood they wanted to wed each other. However Tamiko's sister-in-law was jealous and tried to tear them apart by forcing Tamiko to marry another man.

OVA - ??? ??, 2000
152 N/A
A series of children's OVAs covering various stories from old folk tales, books, and historical events. Each OVA has a various amount of stories featured.

OVA - ??? ??, ????
143 N/A
A music-video style recap OVA. This release covers episode 12-20 and is with classical music entirely except for one song right before the credits. The beginning also has a unique frosted boarder frame around the video that changes designs which was not present in the the first music recap nor in the original anime.

OVA - ??? ??, ????
142 N/A
A music-video style recap OVA. This release covers episode 1-11. Some music used is full song versions with accompanied singing, other sections of the recap are entirely classical Austrian music.

OVA - ??? ??, ????
140 N/A
Tekken is the tourism ambassador for Omachi in the Nagano Prefecture. It is his home town. The short is a story based on men's and women's romance set within the city and features the Shinano-Omachi Station, the Omachi hot springs village, the Omachi Mountain Museum, etc. Tekken stated to Oricon News that it took him 3 months to write the story. The film contains 2381 hand drawn pages.

ONA - Mar 29, 2017
127 N/A
A special included on Indie Anibox: Selma Danbaekjil Coffee's DVD release. It was meant to be the "making-of" extra of Watashi no Coffee Samurai but is an early pilot with a different story (the idea of a mechanized girl and transforming guy vs. a mechanized transforming guy and normal girl). Director Jang Hyeong-yoon stewed on this early creation for over half a decade before the original idea was re-worked again into a feature film Ulibyeol Ilhowa Eollugso. In the special, the girl is mechanized and fights kaijuu with her giant flying bird. The guy is a musician who confesses his feelings. When the girl runs away after his kiss (worried that her line of work may bring him danger if she reciprocated), he turns into a milk cow out of shock. They reconcile in the end.

Special - Jun 20, 2008
120 N/A
Extra episodes of Killer Seven.

ONA - Aug 1, 2018
117 N/A
A minimalist adaptation of Seizo Watase's manga of the same name. It contains 5 stories of slow paced vignettes of romance whose only dialogue lies within the "oldies" being played as background music.

OVA - Dec 10, 1987
113 N/A
Wedding information site Wedding Park, which gives word-of-mouth recommendations for venues, has released an animated advertisement online. The ad shows the Wedding Park mascot character Wepa appearing in front of a couple in the middle of their proposal. The heart-shaped mascot then takes the couple into a smartphone that shows them information about wedding venues. More animated commercials are expected to be released. (Source: ANN)

Special - Dec 10, 2018
111 N/A
A story set in the countryside of Japan. Two teens meet and slowly fall in love. Their relationship has difficulties developing as her father doesn't approve of the boy's request for her hand in marriage. Part of the OVA features a karaoke-style songs with lyrics present on-screen.

OVA - Dec 21, 1990
103 N/A
Two anthropomorphic cats fall in love. The girl especially loves his fluffy soft tail.

Music - Aug 2, 1986
100 N/A
Music video by Kouki Tange and YELLOW BRAIN for the song Aishiteru by Monkey Majik in their three-song album under the same name. It features a blend of live-action and animation.

Music - Jul 11, 2010
95 5.18
Assorted children's fables. Ranging from the classic Japanese tale of Momotarou to the classic European tale of Gulliver's Travels.

OVA - ??? ??, ????
86 N/A
Two penguins in love soar with emotions.

Music - Feb 2, 1989
76 N/A
Two anthology releases of 13 short stories, based on originals by Seizo Watase. As with other adaptations of Watase's work, they are set to music-stories here include: Ashes of Love, White Fish/Blue Fish, Dance on the Sands, Glider, Handbag Mirror, Blue Snow, Living in the World, etc. (Source: The Anime Encyclopedia)

OVA - ??? ??, 1992
72 N/A
Music video directed by Kousuke Sugimoto for the song Tenuto by Handsome Kenya on the mini album "Black Frame." The album had two releases, one which included a bonus DVD featuring this music video and a short documentary about Handsome Kenya. The music video was posted on YouTube along with a preview of the documentary in a single video. This entry only accounts for the runtime of the music video.

Music - Feb 1, 2013
50 N/A