Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai.

Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day

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Alternative Titles

Synonyms: AnoHana, We Still Don't Know the Name of the Flower We Saw That Day.
Japanese: あの日見た花の名前を僕達はまだ知らない。
English: Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day
German: AnoHana: Die Blume, die Wir an Jenem Tag Sahen
Spanish: anohana: The Flower We Saw that Day
French: Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day
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Type: TV
Episodes: 11
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Apr 15, 2011 to Jun 24, 2011
Premiered: Spring 2011
Broadcast: Fridays at 01:15 (JST)
Studios: A-1 Pictures
Source: Original
Genres: DramaDrama, SupernaturalSupernatural
Duration: 22 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 8.321 (scored by 928158928,158 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #2182
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #60
Members: 1,507,572
Favorites: 31,874

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Preliminary Spoiler
Jun 24, 2011
Dealing with the death of a friend or loved one isn't easy, no matter how old you are, and everyone comes to terms with their loss in different ways. Adults can drink themselves into a stupor in an effort to dull the pain, take off on a journey of self discovery, bury themselves in their work, or find some other coping mechanism. Unfortunately the same isn't true for children, and all too often they are unable to truly deal with the emotional turmoil that occurs.

Now it may seem a bit odd to talk about death, grief, and learning to deal with the loss of someone ...
Jun 27, 2011
Mixed Feelings
What do you do, when you suddenly see a ghost of a person that you were close to? Most people would think it's just their imagination or the effect of stress. But what if your mind doesn't play tricks on you and you really encounter a ghost from the past? AnoHana plays with this idea. The story starts out on a usual day for the shut-in Jinta, who suddenly sees the ghost of his childhood friend Menma. Menma tells Jinta she has a wish that she wants to be granted by him. And from here on, Jinta's unusual summer starts.

The story itself centers around the ...
Dec 15, 2014
"Oh no, here come the tears!"
Anohana was a fantastic, emotional story of loss that struck all the right heart chords. Anyone who has abruptly lost someone premature in their lives can relate to this series. What it does, it does very good in fact... And I really started empathizing with the characters like I knew exactly what tragedy they had gone through. All of the characters and their motives were believable, and it made for one enjoyable experience.

Although Anohana only had 11 episodes to get it's point across, I had no problem understanding any part of the plot. Six kids, inseparable ...
Mar 29, 2015
In this review I will defend the claim that "Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai" is an absolutely terrible show. It is well known that this show get's a lot of positive attention. At the time of this write-up, it is currently ranked 42nd on the site overall (or, if the site had good programmers, 39th since Gintama 2015, Unlimited Bladeworks season 2, and One Punch Man are above it and have not even aired any episodes), with a weighted score of 8.70. It is often discussed in forums as being a tear jerker. Indeed, there ...
Apr 15, 2011
Preliminary (1/11 eps)
Ano Hana follows the flashbacks of six teenagers. Well, to be exact, five of them.

Honma Meiko (Menma), Yadomi Jinta's childhood friend returns after many summers. Jinta, annoyed by her childish attitude, tries to ignore her with everything he's got. But Menma is so persisting, Jinta can't overlook her anymore.

Jinta, who has been an all energetic boy from his childhood now finds himself to be a lethargic teen, uninterested and unmotivated to absolutely everything, ignores people around him and a complete shut-in. As he merged himself to video games over the years, his grades dropped and couldn't even make it to a reputed high school.

Anjo ...
May 15, 2011
Preliminary (5/11 eps)
I've heard of depressing animes being "stupid shit", because feelings and emotions are such "garbage". No, I disagree. If pulled off with realistic character psychology, such "depressing animes" may teach a viewer a lesson. Any anime can teach a viewer a lesson.

So, why do we care about AnoHana? Simply, because of death's inevitability. AnoHana portrays different ways in which people cope with a death, whether through blaming oneself, becoming a shut-in, or obsessively buying anything in relation with the deceased one. These examples presented by AnoHana helps us delve deep into characters.

"Jintan" has the core of a leader, but Menma's death has made him a ...
Jul 8, 2011
Mixed Feelings
I don't often follow currently airing shows. It's usually hard to tell which shows are genuinely good until the hype dies down a bit. But under intense peer pressure, I started following a certain series this season. That show is "Deadman Wonderland". To cut a long story short, it sucked. So to deal with the disappointment I decided to follow another series, the sleeper hit "Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai", which apparently translates roughly to "We Still Don't Know the Name of That Flower We Were Smoking When We Came Up With This Title". Something like that. With a ...
Apr 19, 2011
Preliminary (1/11 eps)
I've been watching anime for a while, having watched over 50 series, and at least 10-20 OVA/Movies.
This is the anime that finally made me decide to create an account here and share my thoughts. I was going to sum this up in one word, but I realized that no single word in the English language does this piece justice.

Since if you're looking at this page, I'll assume that you will have some idea of what the story is about, and that you're into this genre. In that case, to make it short, this is absolutely worth watching.

Aug 18, 2012
Death of a close friend is always difficult to deal with, mainly because it always comes when you least expect it. It is especially hard to portray it accurately in any medium, let alone anime. When I first heard of Anohana, I was expecting a beautiful story about a group of friends coming to accept the death of their beloved friend and eventually becoming better people. I was sorely mistaken. Anohana is a travesty of writing and I have no idea why this deserved any praise whatsoever.

Story- My first issue is, that Anohana is OVERLY melodramatic. The first couple episodes had me hooked to the ...
Aug 8, 2011
Updated in response to Uriel1988 1/01/2012 Happy New Years!


Having just read your review on Anohana, I'm truly saddened to see you didn't enjoy it, at the very least you didn't buy into any of the hype. But more on that later, the main issue I would like to point out is that I don't agree with you on a couple fine points. First off, the series sets no lofty goals, it's flawed with execution errors and plot holes undoubtedly, but its base method in itself is its simplicity. Like you stated, it's a story of loss in a form of a "ghost story". I don't ...
Dec 31, 2011
I watched Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai (I will call it Anohana in this review) after all the episodes had aired so I didn't have to wait for each episode. I saw a lot of posts about this on tumblr so I decided to give it a try.

I really liked this story. Well, the story wasn't exactly out there but it was still very interesting and I was able to watch episode after episode eagerly. The cliff hanger endings were great and I've already rewatched the whole series. The story was great!

The art was indeed outstanding! The characters ...
May 13, 2012
At first AnoHana didn't catch my attention at all. I thought it was a plotless anime about a group of friends who spend their summer with each other. When I ran out of ongoing anime I could look forward to during my week, I decided to try this one. I realized that I had completely underestimated this show.

About the story:
Like I mentioned before, I thought that there was no real plot to this anime. The reason might be that the information on the website I visited to watch the anime wasn't complete. Well, I encountered an anime that made me tear up every single episode. ...
Jun 23, 2011
Mixed Feelings
Ano Hina has a charming premise and interesting first few episodes. A lot of times in the later of the series there are tear-jerking moments. However I was a little disappointed with how it played out in the end. Of course, I stuck with it until the end because there was something sweet about it.

There are plenty of issues surrounding the death of a childhood friend that can be dealt with in a dramatic, interesting way. However, the series relies mostly on petty high school love triangles. "I have a crush on him he has a crush on her! Waah!" This wasn't set up like ...
Jun 7, 2011
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (8/11 eps)
Ano Hana is quite mediocre when it comes to acquiring good themes from it. The characters are hard to relate to because their problems are extreme and unrealistic. For the love of God it is a girl they knew back in grade school, get over it already... The amount of drama is too much, real people adapt the the death of family members, they move on. But Ano Hana is like a show featuring schizophrenics who are so shaken up by the death of a friend that they have delusions about her. Ano Hana is an oasis for hopeless idealists that think that friendship and ...
May 15, 2013
I begin this review with informing you.
If you want the full effect of this show then don't read anything about it. I just recommend to watch it as blind as you can, as long as you aware of its genres.

It's not just because every review contains somewhat spoilers but I speak out of experience. I wish I wouldn't have known anything about this before I watched it, then it would have been even better. So this is my final warning, just go ahead and watch it, ignore all other information.

Now that that is out of the way, I will start by making a bold claim.

There ...
Dec 9, 2017
After finishing Anohana, I could only think of one thing -

"So what's the point?"

There are many positive things to say about Anohana. Its opening is well designed, featuring the characters in their past and present forms as well as hinting at their emotional problems. The theme ("Aoi Shiori") is not only a great song by itself but also well-fitting with the show's melancholic tone. Its ending is similarly well made, and it is sung by some of the voice actors of the cast.

The animation/art is amazing. It is fluid and never drops in quality.

The show also does a pretty good at demonstrating character ...
Apr 18, 2012
In youth, we tend to over-exaggerate, over-analyse, and over-experience any event. That ice cream we ate for the first time as a child will never quite taste that good again; even as teenagers and later adults, we chase after these childhood fantasies, never quite giving up on finding that metaphorical "fountain of youth." What's the most likely thing, then, to happen if one were to experience childhood trauma? Perhaps insanity in later life, a cold heart, apathy, denial, or maybe all of the above? What exactly does happen? Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai explores this phenomenon that happens when ...
Jan 3, 2015
Writing a review as I sit in a hospital bed.... DEDICATION!

This anime struck a sour cord for me when it finally clicked in the first episode what the setting was all about, because at that point it hit far too close to home for me, and if you must ask, yes one of my childhood friends died when I was in year 6(Last year of elementary school), only really difference is I'm pretty sure none of us can see her. So please be aware that there might be bias in this review, but I think my reason is justified.

Ano Hi Mita Hana no Nam-. Nope ...
Jun 23, 2011
"I never had any friends later on like the ones I had when I was [little]. Jesus, does anyone?"

Childhood friends often mean a lot to us, maybe because we feel they understand us better for having a longer relationship than anyone else, or maybe it's the memory of having fun without having to worry about anything. But what happens when you lose one in your early life? What happens if you're stuck in the past?

This series is about a group of six kids who had a very poor naming sense, once called themselves the "Super Peace Busters" as well as giving one of the girls ...
Dec 23, 2013
Do you enjoy emotional anime where characters have to overcome the trials that life throws at them, ultimately becoming better people from the experience?

Then don't watch this.

AnoHana (of which the full title seems to have no relevance to the story) starts off promisingly enough - we are introduced to two characters, Jinta and Menma, the latter of which turns out to be a girl who passed away ten years prior and is visible only to Jinta due to some supernatural phenomenon. The story follows them as Jinta meets up with his old friends who have all suffered to some extent as a result of Menma’s ...